CYA Scratch Policy

CYA Scratch Policy


1.  There will be NO scratches authorized by the coaching staff AT the meet, EXCEPT for family emergency or sudden illness or injury.  But even in that case, only if the illness or injury is deemed to be severe enough that it would be detrimental to the swimmer's health or wellbeing to compete (for example, a swimmer with a mild cold or a sprained finger may be asked to tough it out.)  Entries for USA meets are available well in advance (sometimes months in advance) so there is ample time prior to the meet to notify the coaching staff of any issues that would prevent a swimmer from competing in all of the events that they are entered in.  If we aren't made aware of a conflict prior to the meet, we will expect the swimmer to compete in all of their events.


2.  Any swimmer who intentionally misses an event to avoid competing in it will be subject to punishment at the next practice that they attend, as deemed appropriate by the coaching staff.


Please note that we do realize that family schedules are hectic, and we do our best to accommodate this (allowing swimmers to miss one day of a meet, instead of the entire meet, entering swimmers in early events if they have to leave early, etc.  However, almost all of the time, requests for a swimmer to scratch an event seem to be out of convenience ("Do I really need to stay two more hours to swim this one last event?") or because a swimmer does not "feel like" swimming an event.  Both of those situations are infuriating to the coaches, who spend hours doing the meet entries only to have swimmers decide not to compete in some of the events that were selected for them, not to mention that it also sets a precedent where if we allow a swimmer to avoid an event on this occasion, how can we say "no" the next time?


Thanks in advance for your understanding and cooperation!