Swim Equipment



Practice Equipment Needs

All athletes should have the following items with them at every practice session.

  • swim cap (including extras)

  • goggles (including extras)

  • one piece suit (including extras)

    • Please note, ECCC does not allow two piece suits for practice, competition, or team functions.

  • water bottle

  • kick board

  • pull buoy

  • short fins

  • long fins

  • snorkel (bronze group and higher)

  • paddles (age specific, please check with group coach)

Swimmers will also need shorts, t-shirt, and appropriate socks and sneakers for dry land practice.  All swimmers should wear dryland attire over their bathing suits as preparation for dry training in situations of inclement weather.

Meet Gear

All swimmers should plan on bringing the following with them on the day of a swim meet:

  • Several towels

  • Goggles appropriate for the venue (tinted for outdoor competition)

    • At least 2 pair so your swimmer has a spare

  • Team swim caps

    • At least 2 so your swimmer has a spare

  • Team competition suit

    • Swimmers should arrive on deck dressed ready to swim

  • Warm up suits, sweats, and/or parkas

    • Pool decks can sometimes be drafty; swimmers should be able to keep warm in between events

  • Warm shoes/flip flops

  • Hydration; several bottles of water or sport drinks

  • Nutritious snacks; small serving sizes are best for swimmers to eat in between events

  • Bag chair for deck seating; this is venue specific and will be detailed with warm up instructions

  • Change of clothes for when the competition is over