Group Information

Who We Are….  Emmaus Aquatic Club (EMAC) is a competitive swimming club that offers a variety of programs for virtually all levels of swimming.  Created in 1982, EMAC has produced some of the finest competitive swimmers in the region and has taught literally thousands of children to swim.

Where We Are….  EMAC’s facility is located in Lower Macungie Township, just outside of Emmaus, PA.  The EMAC facility is a summer-only facility and is open mid May through late September.  During the Fall, Winter and Spring EMAC utilizes the pool at Emmaus High School and offers a Learn to Swim lesson program (Swim America) at the Steel Fitness Premier Center located in the Integrated Health Campus in Allentown.

 The Training Groups… EMAC currently offers six different training groups. Swimmers are placed into groups by the coaching staff based on ability, motivation and mental maturity. Please keep in mind that the EMAC Coaching Staff will make the final determination in regards to the appropriate training group for any swimmer. There are no automatic promotions because of reaching a certain age or grade in school.


The groups are as follows:

  1. Fundamentals - (approx. 7-10 year olds) – This is EMAC’s entry-level group.  In this group swimmers must be able to complete a length of the pool (25 yards) of a legal freestyle and backstroke. As swimmers continue to improve and master all 4 strokes, the focus moves towards refining competitive techniques and preparing them for Skills Prep.  There are three workouts offered each week, for one hour each.  Swimmers are expected to attend 2 practices per week and at least 1 meet each session. (Practices run simultaneously with Skills Prep)
  2. Skills Prep - (approx. 8-11 yo) Swimmers gain competitive experience along with a strong emphasis on technique.  The group is introduced to workout terminology and adequate yardage to make for a smooth transition into Skills group.  Four workouts for this group ranging from 1 hr-1.5 hrs (4th Practice at Steel Fitness Premier on Sundays).  Regular attendance is highly recommended and will benefit them immensely.  Swimmers are expected to compete in 1 meet per 2 months.
  3. Skills – (approx. 9-13 yo) Skills swimmers have prior competitive experience and although technique is still the main focus, Skills swimmers are introduced to various forms of training which is designed to improve endurance and strength. Four workouts, at 1.5 hours each, are offered for this training group. A minimum of 75% attendance is highly suggested to be part of this group. Swimmers are expected to compete in 1 meet per month.
  4. Junior – (approx. 11-16 yo) Junior swimmers are relatively seasoned competitive athletes. This group demands a relatively high level of dedication. The focus in this group shifts to training as opposed to technique. Before entering this group, swimmers MUST have mastered all basic techniques and be willing to submit to a regimented program. 5 -6 workouts per week from 1 ½ to 2 hrs each are offered for this group. A minimum of 75% attendance is mandatory. Swimmers in this group are expected to compete in swim meets on a regular basis.
  5. Senior – (approx 13 years and older – must be able to make 8x100 Free @ 1:30)- This training group will be determined by coaching staff. Consistent attendance is mandatory in this group. Being of high school age does not automatically entitle a swimmer to be in the Senior Group. Ability, attitude and attendance are key factors to participating in the Senior group. Athletes must represent EMAC in at least 3 Short Course team attended meets. Athletes not maintaining 75% attendance in PM workouts may be dismissed from the group. AM workouts will begin at the end of September or beginning of October.
  6. Tune Up- Ideal for the high school aged, multi-sport athlete who cannot commit to a regular training schedule, but is looking for a weekly opportunity to get some training and technique work prior to the winter high school season.


New to Our Program?  EMAC offers a week trial period for swimmers new to our program.  This week allows the coaches to evaluate the swimmer to decide the best training group, and of course, gives a great opportunity for new swimmers to see what our program is all about.  Once the trial week is over, you will automatically be enrolled unless you notify EMAC in writing (within the first week of training) that you do not wish to continue.


Registration Fee Payment:

At the end of the on-line registration you will have the option of paying immediately by credit card, or you can select the option to send in a check. Once you complete the registration process your spot is reserved, but not approved until payment is received. Registrations with no payment within 7 days of the registration being completed will be deleted and your spot will no longer be reserved.


On-Line Registration Process

All registration is conducted online. Though this process you will create your account which you will use to log in and see your invoice, commit to swim meets, and volunteer for swim meet jobs. All communication is sent out via the website database.  Please make sure all the information you enter is accurate.

Please take special care to:

 Enter correct birthdates – everything in USA Swimming centers around an athlete’s ID number which includes their birthdate. An incorrect birthdate creates many problems.

 Use correct upper and lower case when typing; Typing everything in lower-case or upper case letters such as names and addresses will retain the information in that format. The system does not automatically correct these errors.

 Please verify your emails and enter a validated cell number to receive emergency text messages.

 Please make sure you allow emails from the EMAC email address since many email providers will send mass emails to junk mail. Also please accept the Head Coach and your group specific coach’s email address as several emails may originate from these addresses .

 Please read the policies and waivers provided during the registration process.  These policies are also found on the website under the Competitive Team tab.


Approving registrations is not an automatic process. It requires an administrator to log-in and approve them one at a time. It may take several days to be approved. Remember, payment must be received for approval.


Questions Regarding your Invoices/Payments

All questions regarding your account must be made to Lynn at the EMAC office ( . You have the option to sign up for Easy Pay which will charge all invoiced items on the first day of each month to a credit card on file. We will also have a mailbox available at the pool, usually on the desk, on deck. If it is not out, please ask a coach to get the mailbox.  All invoices are due by the 15th of the month, and considered past due on the 22nd and will incur a late fee.


Additional Notes on Fees: Fees may not be prorated for any reason. Fees are broken out for ease of payment- understand that you are not paying for that specific month. All Swimmers are committed for the entire season regardless of whether they attended during a specific month or not.