Group Placement

The EMAC coaching staff aims to put swimmers where they belong physiologically, psychologically, and developmentally, coupled with a desired level of commitment. Swimmers will not be placed in groups based solely on convenience and social/peer groups but instead on the conglomeration of factors listed below.

Factors* that weigh into group placement decisions:

  1. Psychological maturity level
  2. Physiological needs
  3. Level of commitment
  4. Competitive maturity
  5. Independence and self-reliance
  6. Age
  7. Leadership abilities
  8. Coachability
  9. Willingness to be held accountable for training and racing

Group placements are and will be solely at the discretion of the EMAC Coaching Staff. Coaches will evaluate swimmers based on the factors listed above which are represented by practice and meet performance throughout the year.

EMAC swimmers must show which groups they belong in and which groups meet their needs not by words, but by their actions in practice and meets on a consistent basis.

Please contact the EMAC office asap with:

A) Specific questions about your swimmer’s placement or practice group

B) Specific questions regarding a swimmer placed in the seasonal program who meets the requirements of a competitive group and is interested in joining.

--Swimmers will be evaluated during the first month of practice; the EMAC coaching staff will make any necessary changes as it relates to the overall best interest of the competitive training groups.
--Swimmers will not be allowed to participate in another practice group, seasonal or competitive, without prior consent from the EMAC Head Coach.