How to Enter Meets







1.      Please read and become familiar with the swim meet schedule that EMAC publishes listing the meets that we plan to attend as a team.  Keep in mind that USA Swimming mandates that Meet Directors keep all sessions of a meet within a 4 hour session.  Once a host team receives entries that take a session to the 4 hour limit, they will close that session.  Meets have been filling up very early, so it is important to follow the deadlines that EMAC places on an event.

2.      Meets that are available to sign up for are listed under “Swim Meets” on the EMAC web site.  Click on the name of the meet to access more information about the meet.  The entire meet information packet will be available in a .pdf format under documents and forms.  Please read this carefully as it had information as to location, start time, entry limitations, qualifying times.  Often times we will post more information (last minute meet changes, estimated timelines etc.) in this same area, so it is a good idea to check each meet even after you have entered it.

3.    For most of the meets, it is a simple "yes or no", commitment and the coaching staff will select your events.  If there is anything that you want to relay to the coaches, there is an area to type in a note, such as "Saturday only please".  

4.      Once coaches select your events you will see them listed, and when they are approved by the coaches, a red check mark appears next to each event.  It's always a good idea to check these events regularly as a back up, because mistakes can be made in the entry.  In most cases, nothing can be changed once you are within 10 days of a meet.  You can always log on and check the status of your entry by going back to “attend this event 

5.      If there are relays in a meet, the coaching staff will choose the swimmers for relays based on the swimmers who are entered for that particular session.

6.      Entry fees are set by the host team and will be automatically billed to your account.  EMAC does add a $5 surcharge to each swimmer in a meet to help cover costs for coaches to attend meets.  ENTRY FEES and surcharges are not refundable at any time.

7.      Please understand that entering a meet is a commitment.  Please take your time while deciding on meets and specific events.  Understand that meets can have anywhere from 300-900 swimmers, entering up to 10 events each and meets are set and printed usually 10 days out and changes can not be made last minute. 

8.      Some Meet Directors allow “deck entries” if there is room without adding heats to an event.  “Deck Entries” are always double the normal fee for an event and must be paid to the meet host before the swimmer swims.  Parents should check with EMAC coaches if they wish to deck enter a swimmer, and then be prepared to have cash to pay for that event.

9.      Although it is very rare, if there are fewer than 5 swimmers at a meet, EMAC may decide to not send a coach.  In this case, EMAC will help those who wish to attend get set up with another coach from another team.

10.  If you enter a meet, but then decide you can not attend, please contact EMAC immediately.  It is very important for coaches to know who may be signed up but not attending.