Spring Clinic

Spring Clinic

2019 Dates:  

  • Competitive Swimming--April 3 - May 23 (7 weeks of training)
  • Diving--Feb 25 - May 23 (13 weeks of training)
  • Mites/Piranhas--Feb 25 - May 23 (13 weeks of training)


2019 Fees:  


  • Mighty Mites (Developmental):  Mon & Wed evening; $255
    • ​This session is 13 weeks; see above dates 
  • Mighty Piranhas (Developmental):  Tues & Thurs evening; $255
    • This session is 13 weeks; see above dates 
  • White (White/Grey):  Mon, Wed & Fri 5:30 - 6:30; $226.00 for 7 weeks
  • Blue (Grey/Royal):  Mon (6:30-7:30), Tues (5:30-6:30), Fri (6:30-7:30) & Sun 1:00-2:00; $240.00 for 7 weeks
  • Advanced (Navy/Senior):  Sunday 2:00-4:00, Tues & Wed (6:30-8:00) & Thurs (6:00-8:00), Sat 9:00-11:00; $255.00 for 7 weeks
  • Diving:  Varying Schedule (2-3 days per week); $268
    • The session runs 13 weeks; see above dates 
  • ALL practices take place at Lower Merion High School Pool


Online Registration Opens:

  • Returning Members:  Monday, February 4, 2019
  • New Members:  Monday, February 11, 2019
  • CLICK HERE to register! (link will become active once reg opens)


Please email Head Coach Kathryn McKeone if you have a question about group placement.


Spring Stoke Clinic at Lower Merion Aquatic Club (all practices take place at Lower Merion High School) is geared toward teaching stroke, start and turn technique to swimmers of all ages and abilities.  For our older swimmers that means refining strokes that already have a technically strong base and teaching the latest techniques.  Younger and less experienced swimmers may need to start at a more basic level and build up to perfect technique.

Mites/Piranhas will focus completely on stroke development; White/Blue groups will primarily focus on technique, but the last two weeks of the clinic we will put in some training in order to have everyone ready to compete in the summer months; Our advanced swimmers will split their time between working on technique and maintaining a training regimen.

Non-LMAC members are welcomed and encouraged to sign up.  The Spring Clinic is an ideal way to experience the club if you are considering swimming in the next fall/winter season.