Start Competing

Welcome to Competing with the Medford Wave Swim Team

The purpose of this program is to provide training swimmer’s with the opportunity to swim at competitive venues amongst their peers.  Competition is set up in a manner that they will be swimming with swimmers of similar abilities based on seed times.  

To begin competing with the Medford Wave Swim Team there are a few steps you need to take to have your swimmer ready for the competitive season. Outside of the meet fees and the competition suit, we do not charge an additional cost to compete on the Wave Swim Team.

Meet Entry

  1. USA Swimmer Registration:  All swimmers competing in meets must be USA Swimming registered athletes.  Registration must be confirmed 3 weeks prior to the meet entered.

  2. Meet Entry Escrow Account:  Every swim family needs to establish one in order to have a swimmer entered into meets.  This is the account in which your swimmer’s event fees will be deducted for payment to the host teams.  We ask that you make note of your balance throughout the season and replenish as necessary.  The team parents will email out account statements periodically throughout the season.  Swimmers that do not have adequate funds in their accounts to cover events fees will not be entered to swim in meets.

  3. Meet Fees:  Once meet fees are paid they are non refundable.  Meet hosts will not refund payments for swimmers that do not attend or withdrawal entries once payments are submitted.

  4. Relay Fees:  Additional fees may be charged to swimmer’s accounts after a meet if a swimmer was selected to swim in a relay.  The relay fee is indicated on the meet sheets and the cost will be split amongst the four participating athlete accounts.  At the time of meet entry you will be asked to indicate if your swimmer is interested in participating in a relay.  Relay selection is determined by the coaching staff the day of the meet.

  5. Deadlines:  Meet entry can often be a fast moving process.  When meets open up we have to submit team entries in a timely manner to avoid being “shut out” of venues.  Meet sessions have caps, once they are reached no further entries will be accepted.  All deadlines will be posted in the team communications. Under no circumstances are parents to reach out to meet hosts or coaches of other teams to see if they are able to enter their swimmer into a meet.


  1. Email is the team’s primary source of communication.  There are a lot of email communications for the members of our swim team throughout the season.  Please feel free to update your online account with any secondary email addresses you would like correspondence sent to outside of your primary account.  

  2. Text Notifications:  Your family can also take advantage of text notifications to help stay on top of important Wave news and alerts.  If you haven't already done so, you can verify any cell phone number in your online account to received text messaging alerts. [To learn more about adding/verifying your communication preferences (1) login to your account, (2) Go to My Account > My Tutorials, (3) Select arrow in upper right hand corner and view the "How to Verify Your Email/SMS" video.]

  3. Wave Black Lock Box:  There is a black lock box by the main entrance of the club to the right of the front door.  This lock box is where team families can drop payments for team related activities.  

Team Apparel

  1. Team suit is the Speedo Aquablade in Royal Blue (this is a technical suit for meets only).  For male swimmers the jammer or brief style is acceptable; swimmer discretion.  Suits are available in the Medford Wave Swm Team Store by clicking the Swim Store link on our home page or visiting

  2. Team caps and various sports apparel are available throughout the season in periodic team sales events.

  3. Every swimmer should have available on race day:  bag to hold gear, numerous dry towels, back up suit, warm ups, flip flops, goggles, cap, hydration source, healthy snacks/fuel.

Race Day

Parents new to swimming should read this great article.  It give a great overview on what to expect race day:

Swim Awards

Each meet will designate which categories swimmers can earn ribbons/medals.  This information will be found in the meet sheet at the time of entry.  If your swimmer earns an award, they typically are issued at the end of the meet after the event has closed.  The team will process them within a day or two of the meet and place them in a each swimmer's folder with the Wave mailbox.  The Wave box is at the lifeguard's deck in the pool area.  Please give the lifeguard your last name and they will gladly retrieve any awards a swimmer earned at this weekend's meet.  (We ask that any wet athletes refrain from entering the box, as to not damage the contents.)