Practice Policy

Practice Policy

Congratulations on your commitment to swimming.  Now that you have joined one of the Medford Fitness swimming groups there are a few policies and procedures you should become familiar with.  All swimmers enrolled in the Ripples (5pm), Surfs (6pm), and Mavericks (7:15pm) classes must complete all forms contained in the Wave Registration Packet prior to starting in their enrolled program. 

Medford Fitness “Check In” tag:  If you did not register in person for your swim session, please be sure to stop by the club desk to sign the swim registration form and pick up your blue Medford Fitness "check in" key tag.  All swimmers must swipe these at the card readers every time they attend a swim session.

Visitor Sign In:  Parents if you are entering the club to watch or wait for your child, you need to sign in at the club front desk.  There is a Parent's Sign In sheet on a clip board you will need to sign each time you enter the location.

Equipment:  All enrolled swimmers need to have their own fins for practice.  Swimmers in the Surfs & Maverick classes will also need to have their own snorkel & paddles.  You can shop for all your swim needs in our team store with You can shop and support the team by visiting  We have highlighted team suits and commonly used training equipment. and the team earns 8% on anything you purchase from the entire site.   All proceeds that go back to the Medford Wave Swim Team are used toward team events or equipment purchases for the pool.  

Storage Cubbies:  There are storage cubbies and hooks in the halls outside the swim area, as well as on the pool deck.  Gear and shoes should be stowed near the walls and storage areas provided as to not create any safety hazards in the walk ways.

Dryland Training:  This land training is available for Surf & Maverick swimmers and takes place in the first fitness room to your left as you enter the gym.  Please do not bring your swimmer(s) to dryland practice more than 5 minutes prior to the start of training. If you need to bring your swimmer earlier, please stay with them until the coaching staff arrives.  All swimmers attending dryland training need to wear sneakers.

Clear Pool Deck:  We appreciate everyone's support in not disturbing the coaching staff while they are actively on the deck coaching.  Please try to speak with Coach Yannick or his staff in between sessions.  You can also email in questions to team support and we will have him address your concerns.  Parents are invited to view practice from outside the pool area, as to keep the deck clear during competitive swim sessions.  There is seating located outside the juice bar on the main level and on the second floor there is seating by a viewing window to the pool area.

Hydration reminders:  Please make sure the children are staying hydrated throughout the entire day. All swimmers should bring a water bottle to practice.

Nutrition:  Nutrition plays such an important role in an athletes performance.  Please make sure your children get the proper fuel throughout the day. Swimmers should eat a carbohydrate rich and protein based food after practice.  

Illness Policy:  Please do not bring your children to practice if they have fevers or active illnesses.  The same policy you would follow in school should apply to the swim sessions.

Session Transitions:  The Head Coach will inform families when it's the appropriate time for their swimmer to transition from Ripples to Surfs, Surfs to Mavericks.  There are a lot of factors that need to be considered, not just age.  It's a combination ability, age, maturity, racing times, and technique consistency.  Moving a swimmer into a harder session prematurely is not in the best interest of the athlete.  If you are uncertain, please feel free to email your concerns in and we will present them to the Head Coach.


  1. Email is the team’s primary source of communication.  There are a lot of email communications for the members of our swim team throughout the season.  Please feel free to update your online account with any secondary email addresses you would like correspondence sent to outside of your primary account.  

  2. Text Notifications:  Your family can also take advantage of text notifications to help stay on top of important Wave news and alerts.  If you haven't already done so, you can verify any cell phone number in your online account to received text messaging alerts. To learn more about adding/verifying your communication preferences (1) login to your account, (2) Go to My Account > My Tutorials, (3) Select arrow in upper right hand corner and view the "How to Verify Your Email/SMS" video.

  3. Wave Black Lock Box:  There is a black lock box by the main entrance of the club to the right of the front door.  This lock box is where team families can drop payments for team related activities.