Frequently Asked Q's- US



Different types of meets:

  • Mini meet – ages 8 and younger (we are looking into sending a coach/swimmers to a couple mini meets)
  • A/BB/C – this meet follows and ranks the results based on the swimmers' time standards found here: US Swimming Time Standards

Time Standards (Short Course - 25 yards vs Long Course - 50 meters)

  • Time Standards for MA Swimming
    • Age Group Motivational Times
    • Short Course Junior Olympics – York, PA
    • Silver Champs (TBA – GCIT (NJ), F&M, or Delaware)
    • Bronze Champs (NPAC – everyone works)
    • Senior Champs (York, PA)
    • Mini Champs (TBD)

Meets we go to as a team:

  • Pay attention to the deadlines
  • Important to read the meet information to see what events your child can swim (ie: our distance meet, only swimmers 11 and up can swim the 1000, 1650)
  • Sometimes, in order to keep meet entry numbers lower and more competitive, they will list time standards that you have to meet in order to swim in the meet (December meet at Franklin and Marshall)

***We don’t always get into the meets.

***Sometimes a team will accept some of our entries and not others.

***If you miss a deadline or decide closer to the meet that you want to enter your child into the meet, you can try to “deck enter”. This means that your child (no parents on deck) must show up at the meet (earlier than scheduled warm-up – check meet info for times/fees) and get in line at the meet director’s table. He/she will probably take your names and info and after taking scratches let you know if your child can be entered into the meet. LISTEN to the announcements because deck entering closes at a certain time. Your child must have a copy of their US ID current registration (found in the deck pass app), money to pay for deck entries, event #s they want to enter.


***DO NOT email the meet director to ask if your child can deck seed or be entered into a meet if you missed a deadline. Meet directors do not like getting emails from parents. They only want to get an email from the rep from each team who sends entries.


US Meet Vocabulary

***Scratch – If you change your mind about a meet and your child will not attend, you still have to submit payment for that meet. After we accept all NP entries, Tim sends our entries and a check to the team. We are responsible for paying for all of those entries.


***Positive Check In – This usually happens at meets that include long distance events (our distance free and stroke meets). There will be a paper at the meet director’s table, which lists each swimmer’s name. Your child is responsible for going to that table BEFORE warm-up and initialing his/her name to let the meet director know that they are swimming it. If your child does not check in before positive check in ends (they will announce this), then they cannot swim in the meet. Our coaches usually double-check this; however, they like the swimmers to be responsible for completing their own positive check in.

***Entry fees: There are entry fees at all US meets. Please be respectful to each team. This is how each team raises money (we all do it).

***Volunteers at both our meets and away meets.

  • We need all US parents to volunteer at our home US meets. We especially need help setting up and cleaning up.
  • At away meets, you will often hear announcements for the need for volunteers. If we help other teams, they will be more likely to help us!
  • At away meets, the host team often emails us and says, we need 8 of your parents to time, etc. Someone at the meet from our team will be responsible for dividing up the responsibilities between the parents that are present. Please be respectful to this parent and help out.  You may be asked to time during an event/session when your child is not swimming. Be prepared!
  • During distance meets, you will need to provide your swimmer with a timer AND a counter.

***We always have a strong parent presence in the stands. Wear your new NPAC spirit wear and try to sit together. I have had so many other officials and parents from other teams tell me how good NPAC looks in the stands!

***Swimmers on deck. The swimmers sit as a team on deck with the coach. Parents are NOT allowed on deck during US meets unless they are working. The Safety directors check credentials.