SAL Dive Team
Welcome to NPAC Diving!

Diving is an amazing sport that consists of building upon a series of progressive skills. It combines technical components and graceful movements. 

NPAC Diving is the competitive diving team in North Penn Aquatic Club which is a part of the Suburban Aquatic League ( SAL ).
SAL is composed of more than 20 teams, organized in four geographical divisions. NPAC is a member of the Northwest Division within the National Conference, diving against Methacton, Souderton, TOPS, Pennridge, and Perk Valley.  

•Competitions ( meets ) consist of typically 5 dual meets followed by Conference Championships, League Championships, and individual Championships.
The competitive season usually starts the first weekend in November and comes to an end in late January/early February.
•Our coaches promote a fun, safe environment in which divers build upon techniques and learn proper, safe board mechanics for the approach, take off, execution, and entry of a dive. Our coaches also facilitate and model good sportsmanship and team cohesiveness.
PROGRAMS: High School, Age Group & Developmental
High School: Open to all matriculating North Penn High School divers, as well as a limited number of non-NP high school divers from in and around the North Penn community.
Age-Group: Open to all divers 14 years of age and younger, capable of performing the following 4 skills: front dive, back dive, inward dive, and a flip. 
Developmental: Open to any boy or girl, 9 years of age and younger, that may not be able to perform the 4 required skills.  This is a "pre-competitive" program designed to introduce the sport of diving to beginners in a safe and fun environment. 

PRACTICES include warm-up, dryland training and board time. Dryland may include exercises for conditioning, core strengthening, body control, flexibility, dive models or drills (movements that simulate key components of a dive). Board practice consists of proper hurdles (for forward facing dives), jumps, back presses (for rear facing dives), line ups, lead ups, and dives.

DIVING MEETS (for NPAC) traditionally have been on Friday nights but occasionally take place on Saturday mornings either at home – North Penn High School (NPHS) – or at an opposing teams' school or aquatic center. 

Divers typically compete by age groups:

 Boys or Girls 11 & under; 12 - 14 yrs old; and 15 & over.

There is a team banquet at the end of the year with the whole swimming and diving team. During the banquet coaches review the season and present various awards and recognitions. It is an opportunity to celebrate our athletes' growth and reflect on all the fun we had during the season.

[email protected] and KYLE GOLDBACHER [email protected] (also NPHS diving coach). Our coaches are certified by USA Diving and have experience coaching novice through Junior Olympic level divers.