Atomic Program

The Atomic

For the swimmer who is ready to commit to becoming a National Competitor. These squads are by invitation only and have high expectations that must be maintained to remain at this level of NRG Swimming’s programs. This year round program practices as one group but has set limits based upon age and expectation in order to produce swimmers that have the talent and drive to compete at the highest levels USA Swimming has to offer. This group consists of swimmers that exhibit a high level of swimming and workout ability and are expected to be mature, dedicated, responsible, and dependable. As our more advanced swimmers increase their commitment to swimming, we insist that they maintain good academic standing.

Both Senior and Junior Atomic will begin the fall and spring seasons with the month long technical clinic and intensive training, which are included in their yearly dues.  

Practice Attendance Policy: Practice attendance should display a progressive increase in commitment over time.  With that in mind athletes in both Senior and Junior Atomic will be asked to attend the same number of practices as their grade level (exceptions- 12th will train 9x).  Athletes can choose to attend more than this expectation but should not fall below 75% of this expectation if they wish to remain competitive within the program.  i.e.- 8th grader should attend 8 practices per week or more, but not less than 6 practices per week.  All athletes in this the Atomic Program should attend a minimum of 1x long course practice per week during the school year, and 2x during the summer months.  Athletes will be given a recommendation as to which practices they should attend on a weekly bases, but may attend any listed, to meet their expectation level.   Athletes not meeting this standard will find it difficult to keep up with their lane, may find practices particularly hard to recover from, and will not benefit from the training plan.

The Junior Atomic Squad                  This squad is for Age Group Swimmers with the talent and desire to advance to the Elite level. Swimmers in this squad aspire to be a part of the Elite Atomic Squad. Swimmers strive together to achieve Senior Championship & Junior Olympic qualifying times, as well as Zone Team Invitations.  Swimmers in this program will practice 5x 1.5 hour sessions per week + 2 hours Sat + Select Sundays.  


The Senior Atomic Squad                  This squad is for those swimmers committed to competing at the highest level possible in preparation for continuing their career at the college level. Swimmers in this squad strive together to achieve Senior Championship, Sectional, and Grand Prix qualifying times, as well as Zone Team invitations.  Swimmers in this program will practice 5x 2 hour sessions per week + 3 hours Saturday + Select Sunday practices.  Doubles are by invitation of the head coach only, and must be scheduled directly through the head coach.

*for specific practice schedules, please see the Practice Schedule tab

Training equipment needed:

  • Fins (all rubber floating, finis Z2 preferred)
  • Monofin (all rubber floating, finis preferred)
  • Kickboard (traditional shape, junior size preferred)
  • Finis Agility Paddles 
  • Finis Snorkel