SAL Dual Meets

SAL Dual Meets

SAL stands for for Suburban Aquatic League. We are members of this league which includes 21 teams in 4 divisions from Bucks, Montgomery, and Delaware counties. The website will give you information about the league. You should also check this site to understand how the league works and to see the entire league happenings.  

Our practices begin in September and continue until early February. We participate in 5 regular season dual meets, usually in November and December, and then 2 post season (play-off type) meets which are usually in January. We require that you participate in a minimum of 2 regular season dual meets to be a member of the team. That is also the minimum allowed to participate in the post season meets.  

Meets are usually 2-3 hours long, and held on Saturdays. Boys and girls meets are separate. These meets are much like any other sport, in which two teams are competing for points. Occasionally there are three teams competing, called a tri-meet. When the girls compete at home, the boys will compete against the same team but at the other teams pool, and vice versa. Travel time ranges from 10 minutes up to an hour, with most being in the 20-40 minute range.

There are 42 events, or races, in a meet. Your child may be assigned to swim a minimum of 2 or a maximum of 4 races, or events at a meet.  There are individual events and relays. A swimmer cannot swim more than 3 individual events or be in more than 2 relays. The coach assigns all events. Some events have more than one heat, especially when there are a lot of swimmers.