Swim Groups

Swim groups

Swimmers are assigned to specific practice groups based on their abilities and not necessarily age.  Your child may be swimming with others who are younger or older than he or she.  This is designed to ensure that your child gets the most out of their practice session.

Coaches will conduct a new swimmer evaluation at the beginning of the season in order to place a swimmer in the swim group most appropriate for their age and ability. Swimmers will be placed in a group to ensure that our level of instruction meets their needs. As a swimmer develops, he or she will move up, although this does not usually happen in the middle of a swim season.  There may also be slightly different levels with a particular group, separated by lane assignment.

Final placement decisions remain with the head coach. If you would like to speak with the head coach regarding placement, please email to make an appointment.

White Group

For swimmers who have already participated in swim lessons and would like to explore competitive swimming. The focus of this group will be to introduce all aspects of competitive swimming, including all four strokes, racing dives and competitive turns. This program is designed for the swimmer who is proficient with freestyle plus floating on their backs and is ready for the next step of learning. It is intended for swimmers who are new to competitive swimming. Swimmers in this group will continue to learn the basics of competitive swimming throughout the season. Swimmers in this group should be able to swim multiple lengths of freestyle and backstroke. Focus in this group is an end goal of being able to swim two lengths of either butterfly or breaststroke, and also an introductory knowledge of the fourth stroke. They should be confident in the water and able to work well with others in a group setting.

Orange Group

The Orange swimmers should be able to swim multiple lengths of the pool in all four competitive strokes, and have some knowledge of flip turns and racing starts. Swimmers in this group should have previous team experience or have achieved the group requirements through a lesson program. Conditioning will be added as the group progresses. Swimmers in these groups will have the basics aspects of competitive swimming reinforced to them though out the season. As the group is ready, more and more aerobic conditioning will be added to practices to prepare them for the Black group. Swimmers in these groups should have previous swim team experience. One day a week will be dedicated to a one hour "starts and turns" practice most weeks. The group meets three to four times a week.

Black Group

The Black group is intended for swimmers who have several seasons of competitive swimming experience. The Black group will focus on stroke technique and race strategy with the addition of a consistent conditioning program. In this group swimmers begin to truly master practice habits such as understanding group dynamics, lane etiquette, pace clock reading, and much more. Swimmers in this group will also learn the basics of weekly and season training cycles which they will apply to the rest of their careers. The group meets four to five times a week.

Senior Group (and Senior High School)

This group is designed for the "renaissance athlete" who participates in many sports or activities, wants to maintain conditioning or stroke work for their high school swimming season or summer club team. This group is also intended for ages 13 & Over. Participation in this group will be determined by the coaching staff and based upon swimmers’ past season attendance and practice performance. The Senior Group is for the committed athlete, and continues to focus on all aspects of swimming, including technique, psychology, nutrition, and race strategy, in addition to its heavy training load and dryland exercises. This group challenges athletes to achieve their personal goals and training is offered 5 to 6 days a week.

Note: If you are enrolled as High School Plus, you are only permitted to practice up to 3 times a week to supplement your high school swim team training.