Volunteer Job Descriptions

Parent Volunteer Positions

PENN Aquatics is dependent upon the participation of its parents.  Consider making a difference and helping out as much as you can.

Competitive swimming requires considerable involvement from the parents to successfully run the SAL dual meets and to carry out the league and parent organization responsibilities. Each family is required to work at the meets during the season and to assist at the PENN Splash Invitational in January. If the sign-up sheets are full, check with the Meet Director when you arrive at the pool for a meet in case of a no show. If you know that you will not be able to work your assigned job, you are responsible for finding a substitute.


It is rare that a parent or guardian gets to sit back and enjoy watching a meet!

A brief description of each job follows:

Meet Director: Ensures that there will be sufficient workers to run the meet smoothly and efficiently.

Announcer: Announces the names of the participants in all the events to the spectators. Make other general announcements. Works closely with the Starter/Referee to control the pace of the meet.

Clean up: Work with the coaches to ensure that swimmers are available at the end of the meet to assist in the removal of the lane lines, assist the custodians in storing the timing pads, walks around the deck and picks up lost property and garbage, surveys the balcony and the locker rooms and picks up lost items and trash.

Computer: (head table) Enters times on the computer; makes swimmer changes according to coaches change slips; prints out meet results for each team. Needs training.

Diving Judges: Use United States Diving rules and determines the score for each dive using a 10 point scale.

Diving Table Workers: Record the scores awarded by the diving judges and calculate the total points for each diver. Records the final results on special sheet for submission to the league and on half sheets for submission to the Head Table worker for the swimming section of the meet.

Electronic Timing: (head table) Run the computer which displays the time of each swimmer in each lane. Needs Training. Also called Colorado timer.

Head Table Worker: Verifies the time each swimmer as attained on the sheets. Verifies that the two place judges agree with the placing of the swimmers. Ballot the results if necessary. Ensures the starter/referee signs the meet sheet at the end of the meet and gives copies to (a) league rep, (b) PENN's coach and ©) the opposition's coach. In the event of a challenged or tied meet, the Head Table worker remains with the coaches and starter/referee to conduct audit of the meet.

Head Timer: Provides backup for timing failures in any lane.

Mouse Parent: Ensure that 8 & under and 10 & under swimmers are collected together in one place (mouse house) on the deck and take the swimmers to the correct end of the pool when they are scheduled to swim. In relays, deposit the first and third swimmer at the block with the Ready Bench and stay with the second and fourth swimmers at the opposite end of the pool.

Place Judge: One Place Judge visually determines the finishing order of all official swimmers in each individual event and the first three places in a relay. A second Place Judge records the finishing order on place judge cards for each event.

Ready bench: assigned to a lane to check that the swimmers are in the proper order for each event and makes sure they are lined up correctly.


Refreshments: (snack bar, concessions) At home meets, PENN will offer refreshments for sale. Set up, staff and clean up the refreshment stand. Sell food and drinks to athletes, and spectators. Deposit monies collected with the designated board officer.

Runner: Collects the disqualification slips from the strokes and turns judges and the timing slips from the timers and the place judge slips and turns them into the head table after each event.


Starter/Referee: Chief official of the meet. Starts every event using the electronic starter or gun. Signs the meet sheets at the end of the meet. Must be familiar with the USA Swimming Rules, but does not have to be a USA official. Supervises an audit in the event of a tied meet and settles any controversy that may arise. Needs to be officially trained.

Stroke/Turn Judge: Determines that the swimmers under their jurisdiction are using the proper stroke and turn as set forth by the USA Swimming Rules. Records an infraction on a disqualification form when necessary. The judge attempts to inform the swimmer or coach of any violations. Also judge the relay starts to ensure no early entry.

Timer: Uses stop watch provided by PENN to time each heat of the meet for an assigned lane. Reports time to head lane timer who records times on timer slip and circles the median time