F A Q’s


-Does everyone make the team?

Yes, everyone makes the team, but new swimmers are required to be able to swim one lap of freestyle and backstroke (25 yards). Penn Aquatics has a learn to swim program for beginners who are unable to meet our minimum requirement.


-Do I have to participate in meets? Yes!

Swimmers are required to swim in at least 2 regular season SAL dual meets.  Invitational meets are optional. We simply do not have lane space for recreational swimmers. Just like any other sport, you must attend games and not just practices.


-Is it ok to approach the coach with questions? Who should I contact with questions?

Coaches need to be on deck with the swimmers and cannot spend a lot of time with

parents on deck. You can arrange for a specific time to speak with the coach, or you can contact a team parent or board member. You can also email your questions to the head coach or board members.


-Can my swimmer attend a different practice than assigned?

No. Swimmers must attend the practice group they are assigned to. Occasional changes need to be arranged with the head coach and is only on an as needed pre approved basis.


-Do you accept enrollments mid-season?

Yes, we do. Many of our swimmers are multi sport athletes. Contact our registrar for information on proration of rates.


-Can i stay and watch my child practice?

Yes you can. You can watch from the balcony. For safety reasons, only swimmers and coaches are to be on deck.


-How do swimmers progress?

Swimmers are assigned a group at the beginning of the season based on their swim skills and are monitored by the coach as to when they should be moved to a different group. Many factors are considered when moving a swimmer to a new group. It is not based solely on times or age. Stroke technique, stamina, and maturity are also considered.


-What is the cut off date for age groups?

For SAL it is October 31. For USA it is the actual birth date of the swimmer.


-Do I have to stay and watch my swimmer practice?

You must bring swimmers 11 and under on deck and pick them up on deck. You do not have to stay for the practice though the younger swimmers may prefer you to.


-Why does the club participate in SAL and USA meets?

SAL meets are a local league offering a chance for swimmers to participate locally. The dual meets are great for building a sense of team, feeling of unity and camaraderie. The kids cheer, root on their teammates, and generally have loads of fun at the SAL meets. The older swimmers are mentors for the younger swimmers, and all the participants learn the lifelong skill of being part of a team. USA meets offer chances to compete against swimmers from across the United States and offer many more events to choose from and can offer a higher level of competition for those swimmers that desire it.


-What do I do if my swimmer is entered in a meet and cannot attend due to illness?

It is extremely important that you call the head coach or meet director as soon as possible. The more time you give them, the better chance they will be able to make substitutions for relays and events. If you volunteered for a job at the meet, please contact the meet director as soon as possible also so they can make the necessary substitutions. If it is a USA meet, notify the coach as soon as possible. There are no refunds for invitationals that your swimmer misses.


-Can I leave a SAL meet once my child is finished swimming?

We ask that all swimmers stay for the entire meet. This allows for last minute substitutions and builds team spirit. Just like other sports, teammates always stay until the end of the game.


-How far are meets?

SAL meets are usually no farther than an hour drive, averaging 20-40 minutes. USA meets can be a little further but usually not farther than 2 hours.


-What equipment is required?

Usually goggles, fins and a cap are required. Some groups require other equipment which is listed with the group descriptions.


-Is a team suit and /or cap required?

We have a team suit and cap and ask that all swimmers have one. They are ordered at the beginning of the season.