Important Safety Rules

Important Safety Rules


In order to ensure the safety of all of our swimmers, it is very important that you adhere to the following safety rules.


Drop off


All 11 and under swimmers must have a parent physically walk them to the pool deck area. No child 11 or under should be dropped off or picked up at the outside door.  Our coaches are all busy on deck and cannot watch or be responsible for children in the hallway or outside. After bringing them to the pool deck, the parent should leave the deck area and the child may enter the locker room if needed.


Pick up


At the end of practice, your 11 and under child may use the locker rooms but when they are finished changing they need to go back to the pool deck and wait on a bench or chair until a parent comes to get them. 11 and under swimmers should not be in the hallways or waiting outside for parents.


Quiet Please


Please make these transitions as quickly as possible as to not disturb the coaches and swimmers who are still practicing. You may use the upstairs bleachers for conversing with other parents and/or watching your child if you want to. There is also a small coaches room for a few parents to observe quietly.




Please do not park on the black top sections directly in front of the locker rooms. Those areas are only for coaching staff and janitors. You may park in the paved or gravel parking lots or you may use the circle area in front of the pool/field house. Please be courteous to others as many people utilize this area for different activities.