General information

PENN USA and SAL have been around for almost 50 years. This program has been a top program for all these years because of its core values. PENN has always been for there for all swimmers from the beginners to the Elites. Our LBSL program is no different. PENN goal are and always will be, we want swimmers to have fun. If they kids want to have fun they will want to be at the pool. If they want to be at the pool whey will want to learn. It not only will make your jobs as parents easier but it will make our jobs as coaches easier. 

Stroke mechanics has always been a big goal of ours here at PENN. Every year we as coaches try and reach our goal to have all swimmers legal in all 4 strokes. Poor stroke mechanics can lead to injury and here at PENN we want to see the kids reach the goals they set for themselves. So proper swim technic is very important to us here at PENN.

We will be offering practices 5 days a week in the afternoon until school is out and 5 days a week in the morning during the summer. We always tell parents you will see the best results out of your kids if they practice about 3 days a week. However PENN doesn't set practice requirements. The only requirement we ask of our swimmers is they swim in at least three dual meets each year. We wouldn't be able to run a dual meet if parents don't help run the meets so we ask the parents to donate their time an at least 2 meets a year. 

PENN will also be offering Stroke clinics and extra weekend practices for swimmers who are interested in getting a little more work in. We will be offering these clinics and practices on NON Meet weekends. 

Practice schedule Groups are White (beginner), Orange, Black , Senior (experienced) 

If you have any other questions feel free to contact the Head Coach Rich Deley at