General information

The Lower Bucks Swim League (LBSL) consists of 21 teams broken down into 3 divisions; the Red Division, White Division, and Blue Division.  PENN is part of the LBSL Blue Division.  LBSL consists of swim clubs throughout Lower Bucks County, Central Bucks County, Montgomery County and NE Philadelphia.

PENN’s Fall/Winter and Spring swim programs have remained top swim programs for 50 years. PENN has always been for there for all swimmers from the beginner to the elite.  Our PENN LBSL program is no different!  PENNs goal is to make swimmering and Learning fun!  If the kids have fun, they will want to be at the pool.  If they want to be at the pool, they will want to learn.  This not only makes your jobs as parents easier, but it also makes our jobs as coaches easier. 

PENN Philosophy

Stroke mechanics is a big goal of ours here at PENN. Poor stroke mechanics can lead to injury so proper swim technique is very important to us.   Every year we as coaches try and reach our goal by having all our swimmers legal in all 4 strokes. 

Practice and Team Requirements

You and your kids will see the best results if they practice at least 3 days a week. However, PENN does not set practice requirements. The only requirement we ask of our swimmers is they swim in at least three swim meets during the summer season. We also ask for help from our parents and families.  We wouldn't be able to run a swim meet without parent volunteers to help us, so we ask parents to donate their time to support at least 2 meets. 

Click here to see the Parent Handbook.