PENN Aquatics Board of Directors
President   [email protected]
Vice President


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Michelle Johnson

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Treasurer Larissa Stathakes  
Trustee   [email protected]
Additional Contacts & Parent Volunteers
Registrar   [email protected]com
Activities Chair Sarah Young [email protected]com
Travel Coordinator    

PENN Aquatics Bylaws

The bylaws of PENN Aquatics have been amended for the 2018-2019 season. A vote of the general membership took place during the September 22, 2018 parents meeting and the amended bylaws were approved. Voting results: 44 approve, 0 disapprove, 11 abstain Click here to view the Bylaws of PENN Aquatics, Inc., approved September 22, 2018.

PENN Aquatics Board Meeting Schedule
Please contact the Board President or Secretary if you would like to see a copy of the board meeting minutes.

 2021/2022   Time   Location 
September 16 6:30PM Truman
October 14 6:30PM Truman
November 11 6:30PM Truman
December 16 6:30PM Truman
January 13 6:30PM TBD
February 10 6:30PM TBD
March 10 6:30PM TBD
April 14 6:30PM TBD
May 12 6:30PM TBD
June 16 6:30PM TBD
July 14 6:30PM TBD
August 11 6:30PM TBD