Sponsorship Packet
The Link below will take you to our sponsorship packet.  
Please use the PAAC Sponsorship Packet when asking family, friends and/or businesses for a donation to our club.  The packet provides the outlines for our various sponsorship levels.  In addition, please take the time to read the overview section in order to explain how PAAC touches the community.
In the past, PAAC sold Programs during meets.  These programs were bound booklets containing the meet heat sheet, corporate sponsorship ads and family “shout-outs”.   Over time, these booklets became obsolete and we stopped selling them.  As a result, our fundraising to corporate sponsors and families were limited.
We are now providing “Sponsorship Packets” which will be distributed at PAAC home meets.  These packets will contain not only the 1/4 page ads each family is required to purchase but will also provide any sponsorship ads we receive.  Sponsorship Packets will be available to anyone that wants to take the packet as they enter the meet.   If we run out of packets, we run out.  But, if we do not give out all the packets, we will keep them for the next meet.  As we obtain sponsorship throughout the year, we will simply ad them to the back of the sponsorship packet.
One note, you are required to purchase a minimum of a $50 which is a 1/4 page ad.  
However, we will credit your account if you sell a sponsorship after the deadline for the Program Ad.