Team Attire Policy

To all PAAC swimmers and parents,
We pride ourselves on carefully considering all aspects of swimming regarding the competitive development of our athletes. Our team culture has an enormous impact on our swimmers’ success. The aim of the policies outlined below is to define that culture in order to (1) improve our unity as a team and (2) ensure that our attire at meets and practice is consistent with our philosophy. Please read all four parts of this team attire policy outlined below and direct any questions to me at

Matt Beckwith
Head Coach, Parkland Aquatic Club

1) Tech Suits
“Tech suits” include the Fastskin, FS2, FS3, the Lzr, FSPro, and the Aquablade, etc. These suits are engineered to reduce a swimmer’s drag in the water, artificially enhancing performance. We believe that this is not appropriate for younger swimmers to use a swimsuit to this effect. We want our developing swimmers to value hard work, skill, and technique as the means to improvement. We feel that “tech suits” undermine these values. We will save the boost from a “fast suit” for when our swimmers are older.

Our team policy is that all PAAC swimmers 12 years old & under are not permitted wear a “tech suit” at practice or in competition in any USA Swimming meet. This includes a swimmer who is training with PAAC but competing unattached. This policy applies to prelims, finals, and relays at both in-season and championship meets. Swimmers who are 13 years or older on the first day of the meet in question may wear a black FINA-approved tech suit at championship meets ONLY or with the Head Coach or Head Age Group Coach’s permission. Championship meets are defined as those end-of-season meets where a swimmer is shaved and rested and focused on a peak performance.
Tech suits for 13 years and older swimmers are not required.


2) Team Suits
At meets, we want to make our presence known as a club. We are proud to swim for PAAC and dressing uniformly is a way for us to unite as a club.

Our team policy is that for all USA Swimming meets (other than when a swimmer wears a tech suit in compliance with the policy above) all PAAC swimmers are required to wear a team suit. Our team outfitter is D&J Sports. You may call them at (610) 282-5895. We have selected the following options for our team suits:

For Girls:
Option 1: Flyback training suit in black with red trim
    This suit has spaghetti straps is polyester (lasts longer) and is generally preferred by older girls
Option 2: Female super proback in black endurance
    This suit has traditional wider shoulder straps, is polyester (lasts longer) and is generally preferred by younger girls.

For Boys:
Option 1: Black endurance jammer
    This suit extends to the swimmer’s knee and is made of polyester for longer wear.
Option 2: Black endurance brief
    This suit is a traditional cut and is made of polyester for longer wear.

Please call D&J Sports for pricing or to place an order.

Exception: Swimmers who are 8 years old or younger and competing in a mini-meet that is the swimmer’s first-ever USA Swimming meet are not required to purchase a team suit. It is our aim to have your child decide that he or she loves swimming before you purchase a team suit. The team suit policy will apply for these swimmers as of their second meet.
Any PAAC swimmer who is present at a meet without a team suit may be restricted from competition, regardless of the meet’s importance or distance from home. DO NOT LEAVE HOME WITHOUT YOUR TEAM SUIT. Often, team vendors are at meets, but please do not depend on them being there or having your size in stock.

3) Practice Suits
Swimmers are not required to wear a team suit during practice. Girls may not wear two-piece suits at practice. Any other swimming suit that meets the common standards of decency and does not interfere with a swimmer’s ability to use proper technique is permitted to be worn at practice.

4) Swim Caps
Swim caps are optional for swimmers with hair shorter than shoulder length. For hygienic reasons relating to the facility, all swimmers with hair shoulder length and longer are required to wear caps at practice. Most girls and many boys with short hair wear caps in order to protect & contain their hair so that they may use proper technique. If your swimmer wears a cap at practice and/or meets, it must be a PAAC cap. Having all of our swimmers wearing the same cap encourages team unity and enables our coaches to easily spot our swimmers in the pool. Our coaches will make every effort to have extra caps available at meets and practice, but please do not depend on this in order to comply with the swim cap policy.