PAAC Equipment Requirements

  Kickboard Fins Pull Buoy Paddles Front-Mount
Tempo Trainer Parachute Finis (Color Red) Team Apparel
(see below)***
Instructional * *       *     ** 
STARS * *     * *     ** 
Bronze * *      * *     ** 
Silver * * * * * *     ** 
Gold * * * * * *     ** 
Senior *

Switch Blade



Power Paddles Plus

  * * * **

* Mandatory     ** Recommended, but not mandatory
***Team Bag, Team Practice Caps, Team Drag Suit (Male), Team T-shirt (all items are listed with spiritwear)

D&J Sports located at 7001 PA 309, Coopersburg (610-282-5895) will be our official equipment provider. They are aware of the equipment needs for the PAAC program and can assist you in making your purchases.

Just to clarify some of the equipment:

Fins - long fins. Speedo brands are acceptable. Fits according to shoe size. Swimmers may also want to purchase fin booties to prevent blisters, but these are not required.
Pull Buoy - One or two piece are fine. We recommend Speedo, but they may not be available, so other brands are acceptable.
Paddles - Strokemaker Paddles. For the best sizing, paddle should extend about 1/2 inch beyond the swimmer's outstretched fingertips.  See your coach for the proper size if you aren't sure.
Front-Mount Snorkel - The primary manufacturer is Finis. They come in two sizes: Junior and Adult. We recommend getting the junior size only for very small 10 & under swimmers. The adult size fits almost all ages.
Equipment Bag - a mesh equipment bag will help swimmers keep their gear together and allow it to dry between workouts
• All swimmers must have meet caps (for girls, optional for boys) and goggles at all practices and meets. PAAC latex caps can be purchased at a price of $5.00 per cap from your group coach. If a swimmer needs a cap at practice but does not have a PAAC cap, he or she will be given one by a coach and your account will be billed.