PAY Spring Tune Up

The New 2018 PAY Spring Program

Registration for current PAY team members will begin April 12th, on-line or at the YMCA Welcome Center.

New members will be required to attend one of the evaluations April 17th, 18th, 19th from 5-6pm. These evaluations will be on a first come, first serve basis, so please arrive promptly and be ready to wait. The evaluation and explanation will only take about 10 minutes.

Registration for New members will begin April 20th.




Blue Wave Group:         April 30 - May 25               Ages 10 & Under                   $85

This group is designed for all swimmers 10 & under who struggle to be proficient in all 4 competitive strokes, racing starts, and flip turns. This group will be broken into 3 subsections that will focus on different abilities and skill levels.

Advanced Group:     April 30 -May 25                 Ages 9-12               $85

Advanced group for ages 9-12. Swimmers must be proficient in 50 meters of each stroke as well as racing starts, flip turns, and open turns. This group will focus on more advanced drills that will require body awareness. This group will also incorporate a conditioning component each day.

Junior Group:       April 23-May 25               Ages 11-14                $120

The Junior group will be comprised of swimmers wanting to get a head start on the summer season. This group will BEGIN with a 2 week conditioning clinic, followed by a 3 week stroke refinement period. The swimmers will be expected to swim 2000-2500 meters per day in the first two weeks, followed by the ability to sprint and work on technique the following weeks.

Senior Group:           April  23 - May 25                 Ages 14-18               $135

Swimmers must be 14 to attend the Senior Group. This group will BEGIN with a 3 week conditioning period. Once a base is established, the remaining 2 weeks will consist of 2 days a week of stroke work, and 3 days a week of speed work. This is for swimmers who can demonstrate the ability to take instruction and make adjustments.

Elite Group:           April 23 - May 25             12-18                       $145


Must be within 5% of a YMCA National Qualifying time in 2 or more events (exception 50 free) and must be able to complete repeat 100 freestyles on 1:20 SCM or better. We expect members of this group to be in shape upon arrival and will begin with sprint work. We will spend 1 day a week on stroke technique.


2018 PAY Swimming 
    Spring Schedule April 30 - May 25  
  Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday
6:45-7:30 OFF 5:30-6:15 OFF 6:15-7  
Advanced OFF OFF 6:15-7:15 5:30-6:30 7-8 12:30-1:30
5:30-6:45 5:30-6:45 OFF 6:30-8:00 5:15-6:15  
3:45-5:30 6:45-8:15 3:45-5:30 OFF 4-5:15 11-12:30
7:30-9:15 3:45-5:30 7:15-9:15 3:45-5:30 OFF 9-11
April 23- April 30
Junior 5:30-6:45 5:30-6:45 5:30-6:45 5:30-6:45   1:30-2:30
4-5:30 6:45-8:15 4-5:30 6:45-8:15   12-1:30
6:45-8:30 3:45-5:30 6:45-8:30 3:45-5:30   10-12