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Penn Charter Aquatic Club offers training and practice groups for competitive swimmers of all ages and ability levels. It is a goal of PCAC to offer age-specific training for all of our athletes geared towards challenging each individual and developing each individual to the best of THEIR abilities.


Group descriptions should be used as a guideline. Technique, kicking, cardiovascular endurance, and stroke efficiency make up the foundation of our program’s levels. We believe in allowing young swimmers to develop as they mature, supporting them as they grow into strong, efficient, mature swimmers. Minimum requirements at each level are intended to allow our coaches to work more effectively within their practices, not to isolate or segregate. Assessments are ongoing throughout the season, and our coaches always have your child’s best interest and long-term development in mind.  The decision to consider, initiate and approve a move is the responsibility of the PCAC coaching staff only.  When coaches move a child from one level to another, they use the 3-point model to help them make their decisions.  Taken into consideration are the following:

  •  The emotional readiness of the child
  •  Actual age of the child
  •  Physical abilities of the child (practice, training, and meet performances)

If any one of these points is not in place, it is not the best time to move your child.  That being said, when the coaching staff has observed that all 3 points are in place, they will begin initiating your child’s move to a new and more appropriate level. 

PCAC Group Descriptions:

In addition to the monthly training fees, there is a one-time annual registration fee of $100


Ages: 10 and younger
Practice Schedule: Practice schedule per season can be found on the PCAC SCHEDULE tab

Min. Requirements: Can complete 50 yds Freestyle, 25 yds Backstroke, Breaststroke and Butterfly with no breaks

Fee: $120 per month

This is our entry level competitive group. Goals: To swim all 4 competitive strokes legally; to do all competitive turns, dive, finishes; and to streamline underwater to the flags using an underwater dolphin kick. Competitions, called "Mini-Meets" (for ages 8 & under); look for "A/BB/C" meets in ages 9&older. 

Goals: Can swim 100 freestyle with flip turns as well as 1x50 of each stroke (back, breast and butterfly) legally; perform all turns and push-offs efficiently; perform track start and backstroke start effectively; athlete is motivated to listen to coaches and try to improve; courteous to other swimmers in pool; athletes know their attitude affects how they swim and how others around them swim; develop consistent practice attendance and attend USA Swimming meets with the team. 


Ages: 9 and Older
Practice Schedule: Schedule per season can be found on PCAC SCHEDULE tab
Min Requirements: Completion of all Goals from Junior Group

From the Junior group, athletes move into the Blue group. Practices consist of 1.5 hr of swimming plus 2 hr swim and 30 minute dryland on Saturdays. Competing at the USA swim meets with the team at a rate of once per month is expected. 

Goals: Swim 200 IM legally; to compete in all the available events in one's age group throughout the season; to achieve at least 2 "A" times; improve fluidity in turns and push-offs; improve dive and backstroke entry into water; begin learning how to manage effort and intensity through practice; learn goal setting skills; improve on controlling attitude and focus within workout and understand that they affect teammates; and most importantly, create a core group of ’training friends’.

Fee: $150 per month



Ages: 11 and older
Practice Schedule: Schedule per season will be posted under the PCAC SCHEDULE tab
Min Requirements: Completion of "Goals of Age Blue" plus an evaluation by the Head Coach. 

From the Age Blue group, swimmers progress to the Age Gold group. This group is intended for the age-group swimmer that has goals of swimming during their high school year and beyond. This group is for swimmers with specific competitive training and race time goals. The training direction, structure and difficulty is designed to enhance a swimmer's long-term swimming development. Championship meets for this group include Junior Olympics and Zones in the 11-12, 13-14 age groups. Attending Senior Championships, Sectionals & Super Sectionals, NCSAs and Junior Nationals as additional meets will be at the discretion of the Head Coach. Swimming should be the primary sport of the swimmers in this group and attending competitions regularly with the team is strongly encouraged.

Goals: Achieve a Silver Champs and/or Junior Olympics time standard in every stroke. Swimmers in this group should have completed IMX events for their age group; continue to develop goal setting skills; improve efficiency in turns; use underwater kicking as an advantage in racing; continue becoming more fluid in swimming; begin to actively improve distance per stroke; learn leadership skills

Fee: $165 per month


Ages: 8th Grade and Older

Practice Schedule: Schedule per season will be posted under PCAC SCHEDULE tab
Requirements: contact Head Coach Crystal Coleman at


Goals and Expectations: The Senior group is designed with the intention of providing the curriculum and atmosphere necessary for success at all levels of national and international competitions including: Senior Champs, Sectionals, Jr Nationals, Sr Nationals and Olympic Trials. Senior swimmers are expected to display a desire to perform at the highest level of which they are capable. In addition to being focused, mature, technically proficient, and dedicated to training, every swimmer in this group is expected to attend each team meet. 

Fee: $170 per month