Executive Board:

President – Jon Hahn  E-mail: [email protected]

Vice President – Matt Krause E-mail: [email protected]

Treasurer – Jenn Willard

Secretary – Alicia Zaffiro (Booster Club President) E-mail: [email protected]

Head Coach/CEO – Rob Robitaille E-mail: [email protected]

Head Age Group Coach – Sean Fisher E-mail: [email protected]

At Large Board Members:

Parkland Swim/Dive Booster Member or Designee – Michelle Corvaia  E-mail: [email protected]

Age Group Parent Representative – Mary Kay Krause E-mail: [email protected]

Age Group Athlete Representative –

Parkland Swim/Dive Booster Club President or Designee – Jennifer Willard E-mail: [email protected]

Background information:

Jon Hahn (President)

I am very excited to offer my support and guidance to club in this new role.  It has been an amazing experience watching our athletes develop over the last couple years, not just as swimmers but as teammates and friends.  As life long Trojans, my wife and I share a passion for everything positive that athletic competition instills in our youth and we recognize that PSC is providing this environment.  I will dedicate my efforts to ensuring the traditions of excellence and success continue at all levels.

Matt Krause (Vice President)

Thank you for the opportunity to serve all our Parkland Swim Club Members and Coaches.  With being a former swimmer of Parkland, and now my wife (Mary Kay) as a Swim Coach and having three children (Laurel, Matthew, Mabry) swimmers of the Swim Club I am proud of the history, the present, and looking forward to the future of the Club.  A small Club does present great opportunities to excel our program and looking forward to working with our Members and Coaching staff.

Alicia Zaffirro (Secretary)

I have a passion for the sport and have fond memories of swimming and diving in high school.  My husband and our 3 kids (Briana, Nick and Julianne) started loving the sport at KBGH in 2010 and love this sport because of the discipline it teaches and comradery our kids enjoy as teammates.  I am starting my 5th year on the PHS Swimming and Diving Booster Club Board and will be serving PSC as Secretary.  I have enjoyed watching our kids fall in love with the sport and I am looking forward to a great year of swimming and growth for the club.