The FUNdamentals

Parkland Swimming Club is offering our swim lesson program year-round! 

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  • At PSC, our primary goal is to teach swimming, but the process of learning how to swim, results in so much more than that!  We emphasize the proper techniques of swimming, giving special attention to the fundamentals of correct breathing, body position, kicking and safety skills. Our program also teaches the four competitive strokes, starts and turns. This means your child learns the right way the first time, resulting not only in increased confidence and self-esteem, but also safety and fitness. 


  • Our lessons are currently for ages 4-12 years old, with the goal of proficiency in the four strokes, which would allow them to seamlessly transition to the swim team.  After completion of Learn-to-Swim Levels 1-4, your swimmer will be ready for Futures, the first level of the swim team.


  • We offer lessons in a small group format, with no more than 3 or 4 students per instructor. Lessons are held once per week and each lesson is 25 minutes long, which allows for a few minutes of transition time between groups and answers to any quick questions you may have.  Sessions will be approximately 5-8 weeks long, based on pool and instructor availability, holidays and the high school calendar. Class Fee is based on number of lessons in the session.


  • PSC is not able to offer make-ups or refunds for missed classes; only those cancelled by PSC.  If lessons must be cancelled due to inclement weather or any other unforeseen reason, a make-up date will be offered.  If we cancel, we will email the address in your account. You must VERIFY your account in order to receive emails.


  • Our instructors follow a detailed lesson plan and students will be assessed at the beginning and end of each session.  Each student will have to achieve all requirements of their current level before moving on to the next level. It is entirely possible that a student will have to remain in a level for more than one session in order to fully accomplish all objectives of that level, especially as our Levels are somewhat condensed. 

Learning skills vary among children and each child will progress at their own pace.  Readiness is influenced by many different factors, including physical development, previous experiences, parental attitudes and individual preferences. Year-round practice, regular supervised exposure to water and positive encouragement are ways parents can help their child progress.  We will allow your child to take the lessons at his/her pace by staying upbeat while also challenging them and we encourage you to do the same. To make sure your child does learn to swim well, be sure to have them complete all of the Learn-To-Swim levels.