Lesson Policies

Lesson Policies

  • When registering online, you will be required to read and accept policies regarding swim lessons.  Please make sure to review those.
  • Upon arrival, have your swimmer check-in with the on-deck supervisor and wait patiently on the benches until they are called over.  Parents/guardians, please proceed to the bleachers upstairs to watch your swimmer’s lesson.
  • Please prep your child(ren) to be good listeners. Encourage them to follow directions and do their best. They must be able to wait safely on the wall or island until it is their turn. If necessary, they may be asked to wait their turn on the side to maintain safety for all. We want you to know we strive to keep your child safe, first and foremost.
  • Adults are not allowed into the high school locker room.  You may want to have your swimmers come in their swimsuit to make it easier if necessary. We have pop-up changing tents on deck available to use.
  • Goggles are recommended that do not enclose the nose or mouth. Speedo Vanquishers are a quality goggle that seem to fit most swimmers.
  • Long hair must be tied back or in a cap. Not only does this help keep the water cleaner, but allows your child to learn how to breathe properly without struggling to breathe through a mouthful of hair. Caps may be purchased for $5 through the on-deck supervisor.
  • One piece swimsuits are recommended for girls and jammers for boys.
  • Swimmers must remove band-aids and gum is not allowed. Please do not enter the water with open sores or contagious illnesses.
  • Any classes not filled may be subject to combining or cancellation.
  • Any cancellations made by PSC will be given a make-up date.  We will contact you via email and it will be posted in the “News” section of our website.
  • We believe that teaching excellence through swimming, teaches excellence in life. And that it takes thousands of high quality repetitions to make excellence in everything we do.

Happy Swimming!