Lesson Policies

Lesson Guidelines

  • Your child will receive a USA Swimming Flex Membership for the current year for liability coverage.  The Flex membership fee is included with your yearly registration fee.
  • Please prep your child(ren) to be good listeners. Encourage them to follow directions and do their best. They must be able to wait safely on the wall or island until it is their turn. If necessary, they may be asked to wait their turn on the side to maintain safety for all. We want you to know we strive to keep your child safe, first and foremost.
  • Goggles are recommended that do not enclose the nose or mouth. Speedo Vanquishers are a quality goggle that seem to fit most swimmers. 
  • Long hair must be tied back or in a cap. Not only does this help keep the water cleaner, but allows your child to learn how to breathe properly without struggling through a mouthful of hair. Caps may be purchased for $5 through the on-deck supervisor.
  • One piece swimsuits are recommended for girls and jammers for boys.
  • Swimmers must remove band-aids and gum is not allowed. Please do not enter the water with open sores or contagious illnesses.
  • Any classes not filled may be subject to combining or cancellation.
  • Any cancellations made by PSC will be given a make-up date.  We will contact you via email and it will be posted in the “News” section of our website.
  • We believe that teaching excellence through swimming, teaches excellence in life. And that it takes thousands of high quality repetitions to make excellence in everything we do.

For lessons at Westwood Heights Swim Club:

  • Our WWH Lesson protocol will apply as indicated in the Swim Lesson Covid-19 Policies (see below).

For Lessons at the Parkland High School Natatorium: 

  • Have your swimmer check-in with the on-deck supervisor and wait patiently on the benches until they are called over. 
  • Parents/guardians, please proceed to the bleachers upstairs to watch your swimmer’s lesson. You may not watch from the pool deck.
  • Adults are not allowed into the high school locker room.  You may want to have your swimmers come in their swimsuit to make it easier if necessary. There are blue changing tents in the vestibule for your convenience, if your child needs help.


Swim Lesson COVID-19 Policies and Protocol at Westwood Heights Swim Club

  1. Flow of Traffic at Westwood Heights Swim Club Facility.
    1. Do not arrive more than 10 minutes early to your practice session.
    2. Non-Drivers -- Drivers will drop off athletes at the south side walkway along the southern facing fence. (Snack Bar Side of the pool.) Athletes will be picked up on the west side gate next to the pump room.
      1. Do not exit your vehicle to drop-off or pick up your athlete.
    3. For young swimmers who need assistance, please limit one adult per family entering the facility.
      1. When the swimmer has begun their class, you may find a place on the grassy area. It is necessary for adults to wear masks and maintain social distancing guidelines.
    4. Upon leaving the vehicle, it is necessary to maintain social distancing while walking to the entrance staging area plaque stickers.
    5. Athletes will stand on an open sticker, starting with closest to the gate for the first arrival, second sticker for the second arrival, etc.
      1. The stickers are spaced 7ft apart allowing for proper distancing and teaching visual distance.
      2. Failure to maintain proper social distancing will result in one warning, then suspension from practice at the coach’s discretion.
    6. Approximately 5 minutes before the start of practice a coach will open the gate and temp check each person entering, one at a time.  Recording temperatures when above 100.3 degrees Fahrenheit.
    7. Upon completion of a valid temperature check, athletes will single file, walk to their assigned lane’s bag drop and drop all bags. At this time they may remove their mask, unless not heading directly to their lane assignment.
      1. Fence side lane assignments bag drop is under the maple tree.
      2. Yard side bag drop if the grass in between lawn chairs (grass area beyond the concrete).
    8. At the conclusion of the workout, athletes will exit the pool, maintain social distancing, pick up their belongings at the bag drop and proceed to their designated towel off / waiting area.  They can dry off, put on their clothing over their suits, and wait for pick up if necessary.
  2. Members are to adhere to and not deviate from the specified travel paths marked with sticker plaques, and tape.
  3. Members must adhere to and not deviate from the flow of persons designated and shown with sticker plaques and tape arrows.
  4. All members of the team must wear a mask:
    1. While entering designated area of facility
    2. Traveling between designated areas of the facility.  EXAMPLE:  from the parking lot, on the walkway to the side gate entrance, into the pool, and to the athlete designated lane.
    3. Walking to, during, and returning from bathroom trips. Use of the bathroom facility is STRONGLY DISCOURAGED.
    4. Upon exiting the water through the complete exit of the facility property.
    5. During any and all dryland activity.
  5. Team members do not have to use a mask while in the act of developmental swimming.
  6. Members may not arrive at their designated entrance staging area until 10 minutes prior to their session start time.
  7. Each practice group will be given a separate designated area to store their clothing/mask/equipment.  They will be given a designated towel off/ wait area.
  8. No use of the locker rooms or showers will be permitted.  Swimmers must come in their swimsuit and leave in their swimsuit.
  9. Upon completion of their session, swimmers will towel, re-clothe, and vacate their designated area in the specified exit pattern, maintaining social distancing until they vacate the premises.
    1. They will be directed to their waiting area if needed or exit the facility, without touching anything, go to their vehicle and depart.
  10. Parents and Guardians must arrive no earlier than 5 minutes prior to the end of their athlete’s session and no later than the designated end of the session.
    1. Athletes will have 5-10 minutes to vacate in the designated manner.
    2. Parents/Guardians failing to arrive on time may be removed from developmental swimming programs.
  11. Use of the restroom is restricted, and strongly discouraged.  If you must use the facility, it is for an emergency purpose only.   To use the bathroom, you MUST request permission to use it from the coach.
    1. Concluding the use of the restroom, you will be required to soap and water your hands for a minimum of 20 seconds in the restroom facility and also hand sanitizer in view of a staff member on deck before placing goggles, caps (if removed) back on and reentering the water.
  12. We will be setting up lessons so that swimmers can maintain social distancing. We will also be enforcing social distancing.
  13. We will operate on a one-strike policy.  Swimmers need to understand the need to act responsibly and in accordance with CDC and PSC guidelines.  If swimmers are acting irresponsibly, parents will be notified.  The irresponsible swimmer will be removed to a safe place where they can maintain social distancing while they wait for their session to end or for their parents to pick them up.   
    1. Before registering for the developmental swimming program, parents/guardians must ask if it is reasonable that their swimmer can maintain social distancing.  If parents/guardians believe that it will be difficult for their swimmer to adhere to social distancing protocol, they are discouraged from registering that child for developmental swimming.
  14. If a PSC swim team member tests positive for COVID-19 within 72 hours of attending a practice, PSC must be notified immediately so that we can follow CDC protocol.
    1. The same protocol will be in effect for all staff.  Furthermore, should a staff member be exposed to COVID-19 or test positive for COVID-19, they will be immediately removed from programming until 72 hours with no symptoms shown.
      1. Any swimming member, and staff member that have been exposed by the staff member will be excluded for a time of 72 hours showing no symptoms before being able to return.
      2. PSC will notify all exposed individuals so that they can consult with their physician and/or seek out a testing option.
  15. Practice groups will be established and strictly enforced.  To make contact tracing easier and potentially less impactful on the team, swimmers must report to only their group’s assigned practice time and assigned personal practice lane.
  16. Before practice, each person entering the facility (swimmers and guardians) must perform our COVID-19 admission screening by filling out their personal PSC Wellness Form prior to every lesson. A record of this screening will be kept daily for each athlete so that contact tracing can be provided to health officials in the event of exposure or contraction of COVID-19. Failure to fill out the Google Form will result in the athlete being denied entrance.  If the swimmer answers “YES” to an of the following questions they must not attend practice that day:
    1. Do you have a fever over 100 degrees F?
    2. Do you have a cough, shortness of breath or difficulty breathing that is not normal for you?
    3. Have you tested positive for  COVD-19 within the past 14 days?
    4. Have you been recommended for quarantine because of exposure to someone with a confirmed case of COVID-19?
    5. Are you currently awaiting COVID-19 test results?
    6. Are you aware of yourself being in close contact with someone who a) has been diagnosed with COVID-19 or b) who suspects that they have COVID-19?
  17. Each person will be temperature checked prior to entering the facility.  Temperatures will only be recorded by a coach on to the Google Form if their temperature is above 100.300F.
  18. Travel and vacation are in part of the ‘new normal’ with regards to a return to play/work.
    1. If your athlete travels farther than 100 miles from the Lehigh Valley, they will be asked to remove themselves from sessions for 72 hours upon return, and show no signs or symptoms of COVID-19 during that time.
    2. If your family takes a vacation using a plane.  You will be asked to remove yourself from the session for 72 hours upon return, and show no signs or symptoms of COVID-19 during that time.
    3. If your family or athlete participates in any of the aforementioned 18a, 18b, items, you are expected to notify a PSC staff member so that PSC is aware.
    4. We appreciate your cooperation and adherence to this.  PSC acknowledges that in these new times this is a difficult position, however, the health and safety of all members is paramount to you as an individual.
  19. Staff and members that suffer a sneezing/coughing period should remove themselves from the group until the sneezing and coughing subsides.​