Meet Fees

 Swim Meet Fees

SAL Dual Meets:  There is no additional charge to families for SAL dual meet participation.  The cost of these meets is included in swimmer training fees.

SAL Invitational Meets and U.S. Meets: Participation in these meets is optional and the events to be swum are chosen by the swimmer and parents.  There are fees associated with entries and coaching that will be billed to participating families.

  • Meet Entry Fees:  The teams hosting these meets charge a fee for each event entered.  Typically, the fee is $5 per event in a short course meet and $6 per event in long course meet.  Entry fees may vary depending on the host team and type of meet.

  • Coaching Fees: The cost to PWAC to send a coach to an invitational or U.S. meet will be billed in advance as a per entry surcharge.  For example, if  the coaching expenses for a meet are $400 and there are a total of 200 PWAC entries for the meet, then a $2 per event surcharge will be added.  For a meet that charges $5 per event, PWAC will bill $7 per event. 

Meet fees are non-refundable.  Once PWAC pays the host club for a meet, that money is not refunded if a swimmer is unable to attend the meet.