Registration Groups and Fees 19-20

2019-2020 Registration Groups and Fees

Registration Groups Group Fee Due at Registration - Includes First Month's Fee and Annual US Registration Fee
US Flex Membership US Premium Membership

New Swimmer

Rookies fee applied until group placement made $105.00 $160.00


$85.00  per month $105.00 $160.00


$100.00 per month $120.00 $175.00

Group 1

$140.00 per month $160.00 $215.00

Group 2

$175.00 per month $195.00 $250.00

YST Swimmer

$20.00 per month $40.00 $95.00

YST - Second Swimmer

$10.00 per month $30.00 $85.00

YST - Third Swimmer

$0 $20.00 $75.00
SAL Meets Only - No training provided $50.00 - Flat Fee    
Colonial Resident High School Swimmer $0 $0 $0
All swimmers who train with PWAC or YST are required to be registered with USA Swimming. The Flex US membership is recommended for Rookies and Intermediate swimmers.  The Premium (regular) membersip is recommended for Group 1, Group 2, and YST swimmers.

USA Swimming Membership Types

During registration, one of the USA Swimming Membership types must be selected for each swimmer:

Premium Membership

  • $75 Annual Fee - Membership valid until December 31, 2020.
  • Swimmers have access to all US Swim Meets including Championship meets
  • Recommended for all Group 1, Group 2, and YST swimmers

Flex Membership

  • $20 Annual Fee - Membership valid until December 31, 2020.
  • Swimmers may enter a maximum of 2 US Swim Meets during the year
  • Swimmers may not enter US Championship Meets
  • Swimmers may upgrade to the Premium Membership at any time by paying the fee difference.
  • Recommended for Rookies and Intermediate Group swimmers

Registration Group Descriptions

Swimmers Who Train with PWAC 

Swimmers are required to participate in a minimum of 2 SAL meets, and are encouraged to participate in all SAL meets including Championships.  Parents are expected to volunteer as SAL meet workers.  Participation in US meets is optional for all swimmers.

  • New Swimmer: Swimmers joining PWAC will be evaluated and placed in a training group by the coaching staff. New swimmers are initially billed at the Rookies rate. Once the training group has been determined the fee balance will be applied.
  • Rookies: For swimmers with some basic skills - can swim one length (25 yds) freestyle without holding on to the wall - who need to learn the 4 strokes. Rookies are divided by age: Rookies1 is for swimmers ages 5-8 and Rookies2 is for swimmers 9 and older. PWAC is not able to accommodate non-swimmers.  We recommend swim lessons from a community organization first before joining the PWAC Rookies.
  • Intermediate: For swimmers who have mastered the techniques of Rookies who still need more stroke instruction before beginning the competitive training groups. 
  • Group 1: For beginner to intermediate competitive swimmers.
  • Group 2: For intermediate to advanced competitive swimmers.

Returning swimmers must register for the same group they were in at the end of last season.

Swimmers Who Train Elsewhere

  • YST Swimmers:  For swimmers who train in the YST program at the Community Center who wish to attach to PWAC as a US Swimmer.  The US program administrative fee is $20 per month (Billed September-May) or $30 per family. YST families are required to participate (swim or meet worker) in a minimum of 2 SAL per swimmer or 3 SAL dual meets per family encouraged to participate in all of the SAL meets. YST swimmers are welcome to attend PWAC practices that are held at PWHS (Tues, Thurs, Sun) with no additional charge.
  • SAL Meets Only: For swimmers who train with other programs who only wish to compete in SAL meets with PWAC.  Training and USA program are not included.
  • Colonial Resident High School Swimmer: All Colonial School District residents who swim for a high school team are invited to swim SAL meets with PWAC at no charge.  Training and the USA program are not included.