Meet Signup Procedures

Meet Signup Procedures

  1. Visit the team website,

  2. Click the Sign In button at the top left of the screen and log into the site.

  3. Scroll to the bottom of the screen and locate the “Register for Swim Meets” window.

  4. Click the….         

  • Meet Name for information and details about the meet

  • Attend/Decline button to sign up your swimmer(s) for the meet

  • Job Signup button to volunteer for a meet job.

  1.  Attend/Decline – It is a team expectation that Rookies, Group 1, Group 2, and YST-SAL/US swimmers participate in SAL Dual Meets.

  • After you click Attend/Decline, an athlete signup page appears.  Scroll to the bottom and find the list of your swimmers. Click on a swimmer’s name to sign him/her up for the meet.

  • After you click your swimmer’s name, an Athlete Event Signup window appears

  • Pull down the Declaration Menu and select “Yes, please sign…”

  • Type in a note for the coach (only if NECESSARY)

  • Click Save Changes

  • This concludes the signup process for SAL Dual Meets.

  • For SAL Invitational Meets and US Meets, you will also need to scroll down and select the events (click the check box for each desired event) before you click Save Changes.

  • An email confirmation will automatically be sent to you after you click Save Changes.

  • Repeat the procedure to sign up another swimmer.

  1. Job Signup – It is a team expectation that parents sign up for meet jobs.  Timing is a recommended job for parents who are new and/or inexperienced with swim meets.  There are multiple backups in place for swim times so there are no worries if mistakes are made.

  • Click the Job Signup button

  • Click the square next to an open slot for the job you would like to do.

  • Click Signup

  • An “Optional Contact Info” window appears. Type in a name here if you are signing up for a job, but another person, such as your spouse, will actually be doing the job. Otherwise leave it blank.

  • Click Signup again.

  • After you signup, your name will now appear so that others know what jobs are still available.