Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions


1. When does TOPS registration open? 

Registration opens the end of July for the approaching fall/winter swim season.  TOPS families who are already registered with the team have a registration period of 3 weeks (through 8/17) before registration is open to the public on 8/18.

2. How much is TOPS?

Please click on the following link for the dues schedule.  

3. When does TOPS Practice, and will it be changing?

TOPS has a fairly set practice schedule (Click the links on this page to see it)  The schedule revolves around pool time at two different facilities. If changes are made, that will be communicated to our TOPS families and will be reflected on the website.

​4. Do you offer USA Swimming?

​Yes, TOPS does offer participation in USA Swimming meets. Please go to the USA tab on the TOPS Website, to learn of the criteria, the process, points of consideration, and the additional cost.   Tentative 2017-2018 USA Swim Schedule.