Required Training Equipment

*The required equipment needs to be available for the first practice.  TOPS will not supply any equipment.

*Required equipment, per age group, is listed in the TOPS Handbook,.

*You can see the required equipment by clicking on the Swim Outlet Icon, located in the side banner. Please set up an account, through this link, for we can earn 8% on purchases. 
*Our team suit is black. 
*Our team sponsorship is with Dolfin swim wear.  They have many affordable black suits, and some are shown on our team page.  You can search other Dolfin black suits, too, through Swim Outlet.
*What is missing from the team page, on Swim Outlet, are the paddles.  Coach Bill recommends the Hans Paddles  (see icon in banner) for they are cost effective and appropriate for all swimmers.
*Swimmers can also purchase equipment, and suits, at Toad Hollow in Paoli, PA. The link for this store, is also provided in the side banner.  Because of our sponsorship, you can receive a discount on the Dolfin suits, which are purchased there.