Stroke and Turn Training

One of the most important jobs in swimming belongs to the Stroke and Turn Officials.  These are the people who watch the swimmers to make sure the strokes are being done correctly.  This is important because just like any other sport, there are rules.  If a swimmer is not swimming according the rules governed by each stroke, then they should not be able to score points for their team.   The officials help the coaches by making them aware of a swimmer who might be struggling with a particular stroke that may have gone unnoticed during a busy swim practice. 

You do not have to be an expert swimmer to be a stroke and turn official.  You just need to know how the strokes and the turns look.  You are always welcome to shadow a Stroke and Turn Official during any meet and ask questions to learn.  Each season, we will also run a Clinic where you will have an opportunity to work with an official to learn the ins and outs of the job.  

* REMEMBER, you are not the one who disqualifies the swimmer.  They disqualify themselves when a stroke is swam incorrectly.  This is the quickest way to help a young swimmer learn how to focus on doing proper stroke technique. 

Please click on the following links to watch the training videos.  We will communicate when we are ready to run our clinic. 

***The SAL League also requires officials to attend one of their training sessions.  These sessions consist of showing up for their clinic and watching the videos posted below.  Our clinic will be more thorough in nature and will prepare you to be more confident on deck. 

Official USA Rule Book

Specific Stroke Guidelines from the Rule Book

Free Style Training Video

Breast Stroke Training Video

Butterfly Training Video

Back Stroke Training Video

Individual Medley Training video

Relay Training Video