Collegiate Athletes

Collegiate Athletes

Below is a list of student-athletes who have continued their swimming beyond the club level. We are proud of our alumni as they represent Radnor Aquatic Club at their colleges, universities and beyond!


Current Collegiate Athletes 

  Lucy Fulton '19

  Scranton University




  Laura Packer '19

  Boston College




  Hanna Blewett '20

  University of Houston




  Dan Lawery '20

  Catholic University



  Greg Giannella '21

  Lehigh University



  Dylan Keer '21

  Indiana University Pennsylvania




  Emily Moyher '21

  Loyola University Maryland



  Caleb O'Brein '21

  Catholic University




Incoming Freshman

  Madison Ledwith '22

  Penn State




Alex McKeaney '22 - Wheaton College

Collin Pettit '22 - West Chester University

Grace Wakiyama '22 - Washington University of St. Louis


Early College Signings

David Abrahams '23 - Harvard University

Patrick Cullen '23 - Boston College University

Anna Kalandadze '23 - University of California, Berkeley


National Team

  Shane Ryan '17

  Ireland National Team