Volunteer Policy

Volunteer Policy 

Parental involvement is key to the success of Radnor Aquatic Club. Each family is asked to participate in our club’s success by volunteering for a minimum of three meets during the fall/winter season. Volunteerism will be tracked, and any family who does not meet their volunteer obligation will be charged a $100 fine at the end of the season and RAC athletes in the family will not be permitted to participate in any individual and team SAL championship meets. Families who do not clear their fines will be unable to register for new sessions.

To volunteer for a meet go to the RAC website (, click on events, select the meet you are interested in and click on job sign up. If there are enough volunteers for a given job, the website will not allow you to sign up for this position. Select another job. To get the job you want, sign up early, keeping in mind that RAC reserves the right to deny you a particular volunteer opportunity.

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