Meet Entry Process

Meet Entry Process


  • All meet entries will be completed online through our updated website.
  • Please read and become familiar with our meet schedule, which is posted under the Meets/Events tab. This is a tentative schedule and meets may be added or deleted throughout the season.
  • Upcoming meets will be posted under the Meets/Events tab of the website. Families will also be notified when a new meet is posted, but members are advised to check the website frequently for meet changes or announcements. Especially during the summer - meets tend to fill very quickly, and in order to avoid being shut out of the meet entirely, we send in our entries as early as possible. Please commit yes/no as soon as possible for these meets.
  • Click on the meet and find a link to the meet information packet. Please review all meet information. If you're not sure whether your swimmer should attend a particular meet, please contact Coach Brian or your child's group coach.
  • Please log on to your member account, go to the Meets/Events section, click on the meet/event you wish to respond to and commit either yes or no. If you do not respond, we will assume you will not be attending that meet. If you miss the cut off date, your child will not be able to swim.
  • Parents and Swimmers may select their events at this time or events can be selected by the coaching staff. Either way, the coaching staff reserves the right to change, add, or remove events for any swimmer. If you have a comment you need to make, for example your child can only swim one day, please leave a comment for the coaches in the area provided.

Note:  No oral or telephone entries.  Please pay close attention to entry deadlines.  Late entries cannot be accepted.