20-21 Competitive Plan



The competitive schedule for the 2020-2021 short course season will be unlike any past year. We aim to provide competitive opportunities for our swimmers while keeping the health and safety of the swimmers, coaches, officials, and other volunteers as our primary objective. This will be kept in mind when reviewing meets to attend as we will not attend any indoor meets which do not provide for appropriate social distancing on the pool deck, in the pool, or in the spectator area. Families that elect to attend meets which do not adhere to our expected social distancing practices will need to quarantine away from practices and team members for two weeks upon completion of the meet.

Financial aspects of attending meets need to be adjusted this season as well. Please review our updated 2020-2021 Financial Policy for this information.

Overall, the important thing to remember is that when presented with an opportunity to race, all you need is a lane: when you have a lane, you have a chance to swim fast.