Group Descriptions

The GPAC practice groups are separated based on ability.  There are also some age/grade restrictions on groups.  This is done to help keep groups at a workable number as well as to help swimmers stay on a even progression through our program. 

INTRO TO GPAC (Will begin November 1, 2020)
For swimmers transitioning from swim lessons to swim team.  This group will focus on improving their technique while increasing their endurance to the level of that of the Mini group.  
This group only requires a month to month commitment.  Cancelation must occur 14 days prior to the end of the month. Swimmers must be beyond our Level 4 swim school curriculum:
1) Half lap of freestyle with side breathing
2) Half lap of proper backstroke
3) Proper butterfly swim for half of a lap (with legal butterfly kick)
4) Knowledge of breaststroke swim for 15 yards with proper timing
COST: $85/month

Greater Philadelphia Aquatic Club
2020-2021 Training Groups

Mini - $900 ($100 per month Sept-May)
This group is for swimmers who have advanced beyond our Intro to GPAC group and have met the minimum requirements established for entry into Minis.  Proper technique in all four competitive strokes is emphasized throughout the season with the overall goal of mastering all four strokes by the end of the year.  Regional swim meets as well as Intersquad meets at GCIT are available.

Bronze – $1125 ($125/month Sept through May) (10 & Under)
This group is for the developing swimmers with some competitive experience who can swim all four competitive strokes legally. Training will still consist of technique and conditioning in all four strokes on a regular basis as well as dryland training. We aim to begin introducing longer distances (50s of each stroke, 100 IM, and 200 Free/IM) as quickly as possible when the swimmers are ready. Regional swim meets as well as intersquad meets at GCIT are available.

Silver - $1,325 ($147.22 per month Sept through May) (ages 8-12) 
The group for the developing swimmer who is not quite ready for level of training in the Gold groups. Swimmers will continue to work on technique in all four strokes and will begin to train for longer events on a regular basis (100s of stroke, 200 IM, 200 Free, and 500 Free). Thus, a higher level of training and conditioning is introduced to this group as well as dryland work 3 times per week. Swimmers will also focus on the cognitive aspects of the sport including mental preparation, race planning, and pace clock usage. Meets are available and are offered about once per month.
8 year olds are admitted into the Silver group provided they meet the following criteria:
1) Show proof of having swum every stroke in a USA Swimming meet in a distance of at least 50 meters as well as the 100 freestyle, the 100 IM and either the 200 free or 200 IM (swimming both 200s is preferable)
2) Swimmers must have at least 5 "BB" times in the 10 & under age group
3) When training with the Silver group they must do the following on a consistent basis at the sole discretion of the coaching staff:
       A) Prove the ability to keep up with the rest of the group (without needing extra rest 
           or separate intervals created)
       B) Prove the ability to swim with proper stroke technique
       C) Prove the ability to make necessary stroke modifications when indicated by the

Gold 1 - $1,500 ($166.67/month Sept through May) (ages 9-14)
Our first Gold Level group for swimmers ages 9 & older introduces training for longer events (200 and above) on a regular basis as well as key elements such as pacing, mental preparation, and goal planning. Regular emphasis is on training for all four strokes, turns and conditioning for competition. Dryland is conducted 3 times per week. Meets are available and are highly encouraged.

Gold 2 - $1,500 ($166.67/month Sept through May) (ages 11-14)
This is our top junior group for advanced age groupers. Swimmers should be attending 5 out of the 6 practices each week to get the maximum value from this group. Emphasis is on short and long term goal setting, elevated conditioning, and training for peak performance at competition. Focus meets are required with this group (two per season).  Dryland is conducted 3 times per week. Meets are available and highly recommended at this level.

Please note, swimmers who are in high school cannot be members of either Gold group.

Platinum B - $1,375 ($152.77/month Sept through May) (Grades 9-12)
This group is for swimmers in high school who want to improve their swimming but do not wish to or have the ability to make the required commitment of the Platinum A or National Team training groups. Training for the events and distances competed at high school dual meets will be a priority. Individuals who play other sports during the year but want to maintain their conditioning for swimming are welcome members of this training group. There will regularly be 4 in-water practices per week offered with 2 additional weight-training/dryland sessions. There will be no practice attendance requirement but swimmers will be encouraged to attend as many practices as they can to get maximum benefit from the training. Technique and general aerobic conditioning will be a part of the training plan for this group but a much greater emphasis will be placed on racing for middle and shorter distance events. Swimmers whose main goals for the sport are geared more toward high school and summer swimming will have the opportunity to pursue those goals as members of this group. Participation in USA Swimming meets will be highly encouraged but not required.

Platinum A - $2330 ($211.82/month Sept through July) (Grades 7-12)
This is a year-round training group for swimmers in 8th grade who have the desire to progress to the National Team AND for swimmers in high school who are fully committed to the sport of swimming year-round but may not be at the ability level of the National Team. Some 7th graders (age 12) will be considered for this group if they have a minimum of an 11-12 AA time standard in 4 events and have been recommended by the coaches. Training for short course and long course championship meets such as Middle Atlantic Junior Olympics, Middle Atlantic Senior Championships, and USA Swimming Sectionals will be a priority. The main requirements for being admitted and remaining in this group are as follows:

  • Maintain 80% practice attendance throughout the entire year including both water and dryland workouts.
  • Attend all team meets during the short course and long course swim seasons.
  • Prioritize long course training and USA Swimming competition over summer league swimming as demonstrated by:
    • Attending all Saturday long course practices prior to summer league dual meets (practices are 6:00-8:00 am).
    • Attending all the days of the long course championship meets designated by the coaching staff even when there is a conflict with a summer league dual meet.

National - $2,450 ($222.75/month Sept through July) Annual Payment (Grades 9-12)
This is our top level, year-round training group for swimmers who wish to compete at the national level and have demonstrated a strong history of achievement, commitment, work ethic, and positive attitude as determined by the GPAC coaching staff. Training for short course and long course Jr. and Sr. Nationals will be a priority. Members of the GPAC National Team are expected to be role models for the rest of the training groups and will be expected to lead by example and frequently give back to the program. In addition, the following are some of the main requirements to be admitted and remain in this group (additionally all prospective group members, including those moving in from other GPAC groups, must meet with Head Coach Ryan Sprang prior to entrance into the group):

  • Be in high school or in the spring of your 8th grade year and have a minimum of 4 AAA time standards in the 13-14 age group.
  • 80% practice attendance including all water and dryland workouts
  • Attending the required number of morning workouts designated prior to the start of the season.
  • Attend all team meets during both the short and long course seasons.
  • Prioritize long course training and competition over summer swimming by:
    •  Attending all Saturday long course practices prior to summer swimming dual meets.
    •  Attending all the days of the long course meets designated as required by the National Team coach even when there is a conflict with a summer swimming dual meet.