Group Descriptions

The GPAC practice groups are separated based on ability.  There are also some age/grade restrictions on groups.  This is done to help keep groups at a workable number as well as to help swimmers stay on a even progression through our program. 

Three Practice Groups are considered "part time" and do not require any kind of minimum attendance requirement, participation in swim meets, or USA Swimming membership: Technique & Fitness, Intro to GPAC, and Fall HS Warm-up. 

For swimmers ages 8-13 years old (swimmers up through 8th grade are okay in this group, high school swimmers should join the Fall or Spring HS warm-up group).  This group is for swimmers who have other commitments or are just looking to train 1-2 days per week.  There is no competition requirement associated with this group.  This is the only group on our team which allows for a month-to-month commitment (cancelation must occur 14 days prior to the end of the month).  The focus of this group will be to refine stroke technique while continuing with general fitness. Swimmers must tryout and be approved for this group.  All swimmers must be at least at the technical and speed level of our Silver group.
Cost: $87/month
If swimmers would like to participate in meets there is an additional one-time fee of $70 for the USA Swimming Registration.
This group will have a limited enrollment to ensure a safe and workable teaching environment.

For swimmers transitioning from swim lessons to swim team.  This group will focus on improving their technique while increasing their endurance to the level of that of the Mini group.  
This group only requires a month to month commitment.  Cancelation must occur 14 days prior to the end of the month.
Swimmers must be able to complete the following to enter this group:

1) Swim a length of the pool freestyle with proper side breathing without stopping
2) Swim a length of the pool backstroke without stopping
3) Proper butterfly kick with feet together for 15 feet (with or without a kickboard)
4) Proper butterfly kick for 15 feet with arms at side using the body dolphin motion
5) Butterfly swim for 15 feet
6) Knowledge of breaststroke kick for 15 feet with a kickboard
7) Knowledge of breaststroke swim for 15 yards with proper timing
COST: $77/month

Group trains September through mid-November.  This group meets Mondays, Tuesdays, and Thursdays from 8-9:30 pm.  The emphasis is on bridging the gap from the summer to the start of high school season.  Swimmers must be in high school to enter this group.  Some dryland is done.  Cost: $315

Greater Philadelphia Aquatic Club
2016-2017 Full Time Training Groups


Mini - $800 (8 & Under)
This group is for swimmers who have advanced beyond our Intro to GPAC group and have met the minimum requirements established for entry into Minis.  Proper technique in all four competitive strokes is emphasized throughout the season with the overall goal of mastering all four strokes by the end of the year.  Regional swim meets as well as Intersquad meets at GCIT are available.

Bronze – $990 (10 & Under)

This group is for the developing swimmers with some competitive experience who can swim all four competitive strokes legally.  Training will still consist of technique and conditioning in all four strokes on a regular basis as well as dryland training.  We aim to begin introducing longer distances (50s of each stroke, 100 IM, and 200 Free/IM) as quickly as possible when the swimmers are ready.  Regional swim meets as well as intersquad meets at GCIT are available.

Silver - $1,180 (ages 8-12)
The group for the developing swimmer who is not quite ready for level of training in the Gold groups.  Swimmers will continue to work on technique in all four strokes and will begin to train for longer events on a regular basis (100s of stroke, 200 IM, 200 Free, and 500 Free).  Thus, a higher level of training and conditioning is introduced to this group as well as dryland work 3 times per week..  Swimmers will also focus on the cognitive aspects of the sport including mental preparation, race planning, and pace clock usage. Meets are available and are offered about once per month.
8 year olds are admitted into the Silver group provided they meet the following criteria:
1) Show proof of having swum every stroke in a USA Swimming meet in a distance of at least 50 meters as well as the 100 freestyle, the 100 IM and either the 200 free or 200 IM (swimming both 200s is preferable)
2) Swimmers must have at least 5 "BB" times in the 10 & under age group
3) When training with the Silver group they must do the following on a consistent basis at the sole discretion of the coaching staff:
       A) Prove the ability to keep up with the rest of the group (without needing extra rest 
           or separate intervals created)
       B) Prove the ability to swim with proper stroke technique
       C) Prove the ability to make necessary stroke modifications when indicated by the

Gold 1 - $1,350 (ages 9-14)
Our first Gold Level group for swimmers ages 9 & older introduces training for longer events (200 and above) on a regular basis as well as key elements such as pacing, mental preparation, and goal planning.  Regular emphasis is on training for all four strokes, turns and conditioning for competition. Dryland is conducted 3 times per week.  Meets are available and are highly encouraged.

Gold 2 - $1,350 (ages 11-14)
This is our top junior group for advanced age groupers.  Swimmers should be attending 5 out of the 6 practices each week to get the maximum value from this group.  Emphasis is on short and long term goal setting, elevated conditioning, and training for peak performance at competition.  Shave and taper meets are required with this group (two per season).  Dryland is conducted 3 times per week.  Meets are available and highly recommended at this level.

Please note, swimmers who are in high school cannot be members of either Gold group.  They must go to either Senior 1 the Fall Warm-up group.

Senior 1 - $1,520 (Grades 9-12)
This group is for high school swimmers only who are not ready for the training levels or commitment of the Pre-National or National groups but are serious about conditioning and continual improvement.  8th grade swimmers go into either one of the Gold groups or Junior Elite (attendance, ability, and commitment requirements must be met for Junior Elite).  Technique and training are highly emphasized in this group.  Regular swim meet attendance is encouraged and the coaching staff will strive to help the swimmers become diverse beyond their primary events.  Additionally, swimmers are asked to train primarily with the Senior 1 group from September through May, including during high school season.  Swimmers who are going to train mainly with their high school teams during high school season have the ability to participate in the Fall and/or Spring Warm-up groups instead.


Junior Elite - $2,025, Annual Payment (Grades 7-9) - This group trains Sept-Aug
This annual practice group is primarily for swimmers in 8th and 9th grade who have been identified by the coaching staff as potential National level swimmers.  They have made swimming their sport of choice and will adhere to the group requirements throughout the year.  Swimmers must maintain the minimum of 80% practice attendance for the entire year (September through August) and are expected to attend 8-9 practices throughout the summer.  Meets are required and swimmers are expected to always attend the highest level meet for which they have qualified.

Elite - $2,175, Annual Payment (Grades 8-12)
Our top level training group is for swimmers who can make the established practice intervals but, more importantly, have shown the dedication and commitment (in and out of the pool) to be considers "Elite".  Swimmers in this group have their sights set on training for the Junior and Senior National levels.  Swimmers in this group must show a regular commitment to excellence, both personal and for the team.  Morning practices are required at this level (1-2 per week for 9th & 10th graders, 2-3 per week for 11th & 12th graders).  Swimmers must adhere to the established attendance requirement (80%) for the entire Annual season.  However, this is the bare minimum.  Improvement starts at 90% minimum attendance.