Summer Training



With outdoor pools in the state opening and youth sports starting back up on June 22nd, GPAC is ready to get back into the water and start training again! Thank you to everyone who wrote letters or made phone calls on behalf of our team, our swimmers, and all swimmers in the state of New Jersey. The pressure we applied certainly caught the attention of the decision makers in the state and fast tracked the opening of pools. However, we are only part of the way there. Indoor pools are still prohibited from opening and we are going to need that come September. But, for now, let’s celebrate the fact that some sense of normalcy can return to our lives.

The health and safety of the athletes and coaches is our number one priority. Group sizes will be limited so that we can follow the spacing protocols established by USA Swimming. National and Platinum will be limited to four swimmers per lane, 2 starting at each end of the pool; all other groups will be limited to three swimmers per lane. Registration will be closed once the group reaches capacity and that will happen on a first come, first served basis. You can review the general protocols from USA Swimming using the link below. We have used USA Swimming’s protocols in conjunction with much collaboration with many coaches and teams throughout the country to establish our own safety plan for reopening. We will be hosting a webinar on Thursday, June 18th at 6:30 pm detailing our new safety protocols. One parent for each family must attend the webinar prior to the swimmer’s first practice.

Practices for all groups will start on June 22nd. We will be utilizing three different outdoor pools to accommodate our practice groups: Lake Kandle, Whitman Square, and Peachwood. A huge thank you to these clubs and the people who run them for working with us to carve out pool time for our team. There were a lot of factors which played into the pools we are using, most notably pool time made available, cost, potential group sizes and pool size.

Practice times, locations, and costs are as follows:

  • National (Lake Kandle in Sewell): M-F 6:15-8:15 am; Sunday morning TBD (Ryan will be adding dryland as well) $450
  • Platinum A and B (Whitman Square in Turnersville): M-F 6:00 am – 9:00 am; Sunday at Lake Kandle (morning practice time TBD, two hours each Sunday) $420
    This group will be split into two groups, each swimming for 1 ½ hours. Adam and Ryan will be working splitting the group, but family members will always stay together. Swimmers will be required to practice during the specific times they are assigned without exception. Dryland will be added in addition to water time.
  • Gold 1 (Peachwood Swim Club in Swedesboro): M-F 6:30 pm-8:00 pm $350
  • Gold 2 (Peachwood Swim Club): M-F 5:00 pm-6:30 pm $350
  • Silver (Peachwood Swim Club): MWF 4:00-5:00 pm; Saturday 8:00-9:00 am $250
  • Bronze/Mini (Peachwood Swim Club): TuTh 4:00-5:00 pm; Saturdays 9:10-10:10 am $250

We will need to have a minimum number of registrations for each group for it to take place. A full refund will be processed in the event the group is canceled for the summer due to low registration numbers. Some groups may be combined if numbers are low and we feel we can safely manage the varying ability levels and follow the distancing protocols we have established. The cost for each group will be paid in full at the time of registration and covers the entire summer season through August. All swimmers must be registered for the summer, including National and Platinum A (this is different from past summers). Families of swimmers in National and Platinum A who were on the annual payment plan are due one more credit which will be added today.

The summer season will begin on June 22nd and run through August 22nd. As we get into August and the picture becomes clearer regarding the opening of schools in September as well as the opening date for the pool at GCIT, we will decide on the best course of action to either take a short break at the end of August or add more practices to the end of the summer schedule.

Due to space, timing, and pool rental costs, we will not be offering Technique & Fitness or Intro to GPAC this summer. These groups will return in September.


PLEASE NOTE, we are anticipating the need to limit group numbers below normal in order to follow USA Swimming and GPAC safety protocols which will require fewer swimmers per lane. In recognition of the sacrifice families will make to have their swimmers train with GPAC this summer, we will be using a three-tiered registration process for this fall. Typically, we have two registration dates: one for returning families, and one for new swimmers. The 2020 fall registration will have three opening dates: first for summer 2020 swimmers, then for swimmers who do not register for the summer program but were team members when the program was shut down in March, and finally we will open registration to new swimmers.