Vision and Mission


Our vision is to create one of the top USA Swimming clubs in the nation while providing every child with the tools to become excellent citizens and swimmers.

Our mission is to teach swimmers of all ages and abilities the core values we feel necessary to achieve at the highest level, both as a team and individually. 

Our program is committed to:

  • Advancing the sport of swimming beyond the borders of our team and our pool
  • Recruiting highly motivated coaches and volunteers who share our vision
  • Provide swimmers with the highest quality coaching possible
  • Provide for the highest possible teaching and learning environment
  • Recognize each individual (swimmer, coach, parent, volunteer, official) and the role they play in the success of our organization
  • Teach the athletes, parents, and volunteers ideals and values that can be used outside of the pool in everyday life
  • Encourage and provide the best possible environment for swimmers to strive for ultimate excellence including National recognition, college scholarships, and the Olympic Dream

 Core Values

  • A Commitment to Excellence - Individual and Team excellence is important.  We encourage the setting of very high goals (short term and long term).
  • Hard Work –With the setting of high goals has to come a knowledge of the work needed to reach those levels.  We use a simple equation to show this: Practice Attendance + Effort in Practice + Commitment to Excellence = Performance
  • Educationally Based and Ethical Program
  • Community Service
  • Everlasting – We aim to keep the program around long after the youngest swimmer on this team graduates from high school. 
  • Above All: The Team and The Program - No individual will ever be put ahead of the best interest of the program or the team as a whole