Visting Swimmers

Visiting Swimmers to GPAC

GPAC welcomes swimmers from other teams who are visiting the area and need a place to practice.  We also welcome back former swimmers who are now competing for their college teams and not registered with GPAC for the Fall/Winter/Spring season.  Due to space restrictions and for insurance reasons, the following policy has been established to address visiting swimmers:

  1. Any swimmer (regardless of their current or past affiliation) must produce documentation proving that they are currently registered with USA Swimming.  Unregistered swimmers cannot practice with our team in any fashion for any reason at any time.
  2. Swimmers will be placed into a practice group based on their ability level.  Due to our space restrictions we cannot place a swimmer in a practice group outside of their ability level for any reason.  This decision is at the sole discretion of the GPAC coaching staff.
  3. Swimmers must swim the entire practice as it is presented by the coaching staff.  Swimmers cannot alter the practice on their own without first conferring with the GPAC coaching staff.
  4. Due to our space restrictions we cannot provide lane space for swimmers to do their own practice in a separate lane.
  5. The drop-in cost is $8 per practice.  This fee is waived for any college swimmer who was registered with GPAC during the previous summer season.