Code of Conduct

Lancaster Aquatic Club Code of Conduct



The purpose of this code is to promote the best possible individual, team and program impressions at all times. The code applies to all athletes participating in the LAC program at any practice session, local meet, or out of town meet and anyone representing USA Swimming, Inc., Middle Atlantic Swimming, Inc., or LAC as a member of the All-Star, Zone or National team programs. Parents and guardians of participating LAC swimmers shall also abide by this code of conduct.


PART I - General Conduct

  • All participants will wear designated Speedo team suits, caps and T-shirts during all competitions.

  • All participants will follow the coach's instructions during all practice sessions and competitions.

  • Curfews may be established and will be obeyed unless the participant has contacted the coach for an exception. The curfew is not enforced if participant is staying with parents. This applies to team travel trips, travel meets and other team activities.

  • Smoking, alcohol consumption or use of drugs (other than those prescribed by your physician) is unacceptable at all times.

  • Indiscreet or destructive behavior is not tolerated.

  • Behavior, which disrupts practice, undermines coaching authority or results in potential harm to LAC members or participants will not be tolerated.

  • Every effort should be made to avoid guilt by association with such activities.

  • Any behavior or action, which violates any USA Swimming, Inc., Middle Atlantic Swimming, Inc., or LAC rules or policies, may result in disciplinary action.


PART II - Violation of the Code

At the discretion of the Coach or Board of Directors, any one or all of the following penalties will be applied:

  • Swimmer will be scratched from the meet and/or removed from the practice session.

  • Swimmer will be sent home immediately at his/her own extra expense.

  • Swimmer may be suspended and/or expelled from the team under the provisions set forth in Article II.6(b) – Membership Termination - of the LAC By-laws.