Team History
The History of LAC

River News Clipping The 1950’s...LAC was called the Lancaster YMCA Aquatic Club. We competed in the Labor Day Kipona Swim, held in the Susquehanna River! (no records were kept due to changing river conditions from year to year!)

Bus PictureThe 1960’s Our club was made up of only female swimmers until 1965. We had a club mascot, a stuffed toy poodle called "Aqua Vitae" and practiced at 5 different locations (hear that parents?) before Golden Meadows was built in 1966.
Team Picture 1960?s

The 1970’s LAC continues it’s winning tradition, with the girls 15-17 year old relay team ranking first in the nation. (former Assistant Coach Betty Lou Windstein was a member of that team!)

AwardsThe 1980’s Team records from the ’70’s fall as incoming swimmers begin their careers as 8 and unders!


The 1990’s LAC’s team of more than 120 swimmers continue to excel and produce swimmers who are competitive at the regional and national level.  Our very own Coach Casey Coble is pictured here as an LAC Swimmer in the 1990's.  Can you find him?

Regional News Clipping



In the 2000’s LAC’s Kyle Salyards completed on the 2000 US Olympic Team.  In 2008 the team moved from the Golden Meadow's Facility to it's current indoor home at the Phoenix Academy.