Class Descriptions


SSC Swim School 

Group Swim Lesson Flyer 


This is our introductory swim school class. This group is for children 6 months of age until 3 years old. We will make exceptions based on individual circumstances, please call  discuess.The parent tot class will introduce your child to the water with the safety of the parent right with them guiding them through every stroke. The goal of this class is to create a safe and fun environment for your child to learn movements in the water, learn to float on their backs and stomachs, and place their faces in the water while having the comfort of their parent helping them along the way. The main goal of this class is for the tot to be able to have the confidence and strength to try one of the listed goals on their own. Once the tot is secure enough to not need the parent close by they will be ready to be a blue fish.  

BLUE FISH (Beginner)

First time swimmers with little experience in the water.  It may be the first time in the water without their parents.  Our instructors work with your child using games, drills and equipment so they become comfortable blowing bubbles, going under water, streamline kicking, forward locomotion, floating on their back and having fun.  

WHITE FISH (Intermediate)

This group is for our intermediate swimmers with prior swim lesson experience.  They should be able to float on their back and have some front forward locomotion in the water.  They should also be comfortable putting their faces in the water.  Swimmers will be introduced to the building blocks of freestyle and backstroke.  Breaststroke and butterfly concepts are also taught.  A swimmer may be at this level for multiple session. 

GOLD FISH (Advanced)

This group is for advanced swimmers who have prior swim lesson experience, want to learn all 4 competitive swimming strokes and can currently swim freestyle and backstroke for one length of the pool (unassisted).  Swimmers at this level will have a rudimentary knowledge of breaststroke and butterfly and will further their competitive swimming skills.  A swimmer may be at this level for multiple session but once the skills are completed, he/she will be ready to join the SSC Mini Team.  

ISR (infant self rescue)

Emily Morrison, Certified ISR instructor, manages and teaches the ISR program out of the SSC pool. You can find out more information by contacting Emily directly at:

Phone: 484-343-6544    Email: