Frequently Asked Questions

My child has never had swim lessons before so why should we choose your swim school over another that might be closer to where we live?

The Suburban Seahawks Club is a program steeped in rich history. It was started by a Hall of Fame coach and has had many Hall of Fame swimmers, but has stayed in the same location since its inception. Suburban has always been guided by great people who believe that swimming is the purest of all sports and that to truly be a great swimmer you must love the sport and the water. The Suburban Swim School applies the same standards and believes that all children need to learn to swim not only for their own safety, but to enjoy the sport throughout their lives. We will always place your swimmer into a group of other swimmers of the same ability.  We also believe that not all children are the same, therefore, they learn at different paces; some faster than others. We also want our instructors to approach each lesson the same way our coaches approach a practice; by setting goals and achieving them. If group lessons are too much for your child than we can offer semi-private or private lessons that they can begin with.

My child had a bad experience where they took lessons before and now has an unhealthy fear of the water. Can Suburban help my child?

Because we set high standards for ourselves, families tend to be drawn to us particularly after poor experiences somewhere else.  The reason most families come to us is because we are not a factory, we are a swim school that cares about each child’s experience being a positive one while learning how to swim correctly.  Our instructors understand the fear a child might have from a poor experience somewhere else and will work hard to break those fears down and set the child up for success as they progress. Our teaching pool is a great place for children to learn how to swim. The shallow depth and warm water is very inviting and allows them to swim without fear.

I’m worried that my child may not connect with the chosen instructor. Can we switch instructors once we have already started?

The Suburban Swim School only hires experienced instructors who have a passion to work with children and teaching them to swim. Each instructor will have a unique way of connecting with that child, so that we hope you can give the instructor a full set of 7 lessons before you decide to switch. The results for your child will not be as consistent as they should if your child only does half with one instructor and then half with another.

What age can we start lessons for my child?

This is another very common question, not only to Suburban, but to every swim instructor in the world.  Children can start lessons as soon as you want them to, and we offer different types of lessons just for that reason.  Children aged 3 and under often need to start with their own parent in the water with them because it helps to eliminate any fear they might have especially the first time they encounter water.  Some children might be distracted with their parents in the water and might work better with only the instructor. Our goal with any child 3 and under is to create a welcoming atmosphere where they come each lesson with a smile and are excited to learn.  Children that age are not ready to swim strokes, but they are ready to be water comfortable. Water comfortable is a term that means the child can possibly float on their front or on their back with no assistance and can place their face in the water. Any child older than 3 will be more physically ready to learn how to swim and will progress faster than those younger than 3.

Where do I sit during my child’s lesson?

Unless, you are participating in a parent-tot class you will sit with any other relatives that want to watch in the balcony and your swim instructor can show you the way up there. We encourage our parents to watch the lesson if time permits so that they can reinforce some of the drills at home or at your summer pool.  Your position on the balcony allows you to watch the lesson while not being a distraction to your child.  Because we are a USA Swimming Club we adhere to their rules and policies and those rules state that parents are not allowed on deck unless they are dropping their child off or picking them up from their lesson.

If I am not happy with the lessons am I entitled to a refund for the remaining lessons?

Suburban has a no refund policy. We feel that any issue you might have with the lessons we can help remedy for you. Whether it be an instructor change or a time change we will help make the lessons more accommodating for you.

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