2020-21 Fees


The cost of participating in the Tri-Hampton YMCA Swim Team’s 2020-2021 season includes: 


Seniors: $145.00

Age Group: $115.00

Pre-Age Group: $110.00

Academy: $110.00

See Practice Groups page for descriptions of the groups.  All returning swimmers should register as part of the group they are currently in. Prospective families: please contact Coach Taylor at [email protected] about practice group placement. The coaches will make the ultimate determination of the swimmer’s practice group based on their ability as well their physical and emotional maturity.

All families will be required to pay via monthly draft to YMCA of Bucks County, which are charged between the 1st and 5th of each month.  As part of the registration process, families will be instructed to contact YMCA of Bucks County with credit card information.  Returning families will only need to contact YMCA of Bucks County if you need to change your credit card information that is already on file.

In order for the team to operate smoothly, every swimmer’s financial obligations must be met at all times.  This is a swim family and everyone must do their part and meet their financial obligations.

Payments MUST be received by YMCA of Bucks County on time in order for swimmers to participate in practice or meets. Please contact the Newtown/Fairless Hills Branch if there are extenuating circumstances or financial hardship. This is a YMCA program and the YMCA is committed to its members and their continued participation in programs. YMCA of Bucks County will work with any family needing assistance due to extenuating circumstances or financial hardship provided they are aware of the situation. 



$100 per swimmer with a maximum of $175 per family

$50 per swimmer that is participating on Academy

Each family is automatically a member of the THY Swim Team Parents Association and must pay to help finance the group’s activities for the swimmers. All parents are required to volunteer to help with team fundraisers, special events and team work assignments at Middle Atlantic and YMCA sponsored meets your swimmer attends. This parent fund helps support team social gatherings such as team dinners, the use of the Team Unify platform, the purchase of team caps, the team banquet, and team gifts.  This fund can also be used to purchase specific items the Parents Association deems as "wish list" items for the team that are not part of the normal operating budget, such as new digital pace clocks for the pool.  This is a one-time fee that will be charged as part of the initial payment on September 1.  



Each family will be required to have a billing method (i.e. a credit card) on file with YMCA of Bucks County.  Credit cards will be charged by YMCA of Bucks County each time a swimmer enters a meet based on the event and entry fees associated with that meet. Please note that if a swimmer has a balance on his/her account at the time a final meet payment is due, that swimmer will be removed from all events from the particular meet.  It is each family’s responsibility to ensure their account is up to date at all times, as negative account balances will impact the swimmer’s ability to compete in meets.

For meets that require overnight travel for coaches (York, Speedo Classic, Winterfest, JOs, YMCA States, Senior Champs, YMCA Nationals), swimmers will be charged a 10% travel meet "tax" on entries to help offset costs of travel expenses for coaches. Thus, if entry fees are $5 per event, swimmers attending one of these designated travel meets would pay $5.50 per event.


The reason for this full YMCA of Bucks County membership fee is that the YMCA fulfills its mission through caring relationships over time. A person cannot feel the full impact of a YMCA experience in a short program experience. This is why YMCA of Bucks County is a membership organization. A full privilege annual membership of the YMCA is required to participate in any YMCA Swim Team. This membership covers insurance, administrative fees and provides youth with additional activities.  YMCA of Bucks County membership fee entitles each swimmer to full member privileges at the Newtown and Fairless Hills YMCA facilities, including use of the gym, indoor track, and fitness classes.  We encourage our swimmers to make use of these facilities and we will be actively working to secure membership cards for all swimmers.  YMCA of Bucks County membership is non-refundable.  

Youth Ages 12 and Under: $15 per month
7th Graders**: Free
Teens Ages 13-18: $27 per month


**Please note: Through the generosity of YMCA Donors, YMCA of Bucks County is advertising free membership for all seventh graders who join YMCA of Bucks County, so don’t pay this membership if you are eligible for that program.  Unfortunately, this cannot be done directly through our electronic registration, so if this applies to you, please complete the registration process, including the YMCA membership fee, and then contact Tim Ryan at [email protected] or 215-704-4957 at the YMCA of Bucks County to have him adjust your invoice before making payment. 


$77 per swimmer.  If you were a USA/MA swimmer for another club within the past calendar year, then a $10 athlete transfer fee is also required. If you were never a USA/MA member or your membership has lapsed for more than a year then no transfer fee is required.



  • Travel Expenses:  THY participates in a handful of meets throughout the year that may require overnight travel. Participation in these meets is strongly encouraged.  We recognize this means a financial commitment. But, these trips are special experiences for our swimmers.
  • Individual Training Equipment - Swimmers must provide their own equipment. Click here for more information. 
  • THY Apparel – Ordering information will be distributed in early September.  THY caps must be worn at all meets.  Information will follow.  

Membership fees and program fees are not refundable. Program fees will be credited/refunded if the following withdrawal procedures are followed no exceptions. 

  1. Notice of withdrawal from the team must be in writing and received 30 days prior to last day of practice. 
  2. If notice is given prior to the beginning of program, 100% of the paid monthly program fee less a $10 service charge will be issued. 
  3. If 30 day notice is given in writing, the resigning swimmer will not be responsible for the monthly program payment fees after the month the swimmer is withdraw from the team becomes effective. For example, if notice is given in writing and the final practice date is in January, the swimmer is responsible for all monthly program fee payments up to and including January. 
  4. A resigning swimmer forfeits any remaining parent fund deposits and will be responsible for any meet entry fees of meets already entered, even if the meet has not yet taken place.