Swimmer Eligibility

YMCA Swimming Eligibility Guidelines


  • Must be in good standing as a member of the YMCA of the U.S.A. 
  • Full privilege annual membership of the YMCA. (Each Swimmer must join the YMCA) 
  • Be a member for a full 90 days prior to the first day of the National, District or State Championships.
  • Have represented only his/her local YMCA in an open competition during the current season (defined September 1–August 31). A swimmer may represent a team other than their YMCA or school team during the current season but before their eligibility period commences (30 days prior to competition for local meets, 90 days prior for District/Regional/State/National competition). This permits a swimmer, who has represented another team or whose family has relocated, to join and represent a YMCA team at Nationals, Districts or States, even if he/she has represented another non-YMCA team in competition since September 
  • For National Championships swimmers must be 12 years of age and not over 21 years of age (if has not competed for a college team) as of the first day of National Championships.
  • In order to swim in National, District or State Championships Swim in one YMCA Sanctioned Meet, sanctioned by the National YMCA of America Competitive Swimming Committee and at least three closed inter-association (YMCA) meets contested on separate dates during the current year (Sept 1- Aug 31). 
  • If swimming at YMCA Nationals or Districts, meet the qualifying time and provide certification of such. Certified USA and HS times can be used for qualifying times.
  • Have a physical within the last 12 months


Competitive Age of the Swimmer

Under YMCA rules, the age of a swimmer is determined as of December 1 of the current swim season for that entire swim season. USA-S Technical Rules state that a swimmer’s age is determined on the first day of any meet. For the present time, the December 1 eligibility date will remain in effect for dual, invitational and/or championship meets in the local leagues for YMCA meet.


Transfer Swimmer Information

Swimmers who are looking to transfer to THY from another USA Swimming team are responsible for securing and completing the Middle Atlantic Swimming Transfer Request Form.  Once it is completed, our coaches will sign it and the transfer request can be submitted. Click HERE for FAQs from Middle Atlantic Swimming about transfer swimmers and Unattached status.