Summer League Guide

Guidelines Regarding Summer League Competition for YMCA Swimmers

The YMCA of the USA Competitive Swimming and Diving Advisory Committee has established the following guidelines for YMCA teams and swimmers participating in summer league competition. 
YMCA teams may compete in summer league competition without affecting the eligibility of YMCA swimmers representing other teams in the summer league providing the following guidelines are met. 


1. The summer league season runs between the dates of June 1 through August 31. 
2. The summer league meets are closed to the teams in that summer league. 
3. Summer league invitational meets are closed to only teams representing summer leagues. 
4. Non-YMCA teams in the league are strictly summer league teams that disband at the end of the summer season. 


If there are no YMCA teams competing in a summer league YMCA swimmers may participate for non-YMCA summer league teams provided the league meets the above guidelines