Team Caps



It is time to place orders for THY team caps for the 2018-19 season!  We only order caps once a year and all THY swimmers are expected to wear a THY cap at meets so please be sure to order extras in case they rip. There will be three types of caps offered for sale this year:


THY Team Caps

Personalized THY team caps (S wimmer's LAST Name on both sides ) are available in SETS OF TWO for $17 for the pair.

2) Plain THY team cap (same cap as above with no name) are available for $8 each.

TE Caps

3) Tracey Edwards breast cancer awareness caps will be available for our Memorial Virtual meet.  These caps will be $10 a piece.  All proceeds from these caps will go to a donation in Tracey's name to breast cancer charities. We are encouraging all swimmers to wear a Pink Tracey Edwards cap at the Tracey Edwards Virtual meet.


All cap orders will be completed using the form at THIS LINK 


Cap orders will be charged to the credit card you have on file with the YMCA (just like a meet entry charge.)

All orders must be completed online by MIDNIGHT ON Wednesday, SEPTEMBER 12.  Our goal is to distribute the caps by the Tracey Edwards Virtual Meet on October 6.



Contact me at  with any questions.

-Cassy Cai ( )