Practice Expectation

THY Practice Expectations


Practice Philosophy
The YMCA Swim Team is built on a developmental coaching philosophy therefore the training program is tailored to the physical and emotional development of the swimmer, and incorporates a variety of techniques.  The approach is a highly motivational one that focuses on individual improvement.

We follow a cycle-training approach that is designed around a macro (seasonal) and micro (weekly) template.  The design of both is to best position each swimmer to achieve maximum results for our taper meets.


Practice Groups
All swimmers will practice together. The coaches place swimmers in lanes according to ability level and specialty. On occasion, a further subdivision will occur into “Stroke Specialty,” “Sprint,” and "Distance" sub- groups.


Practice Assignments
Decisions are made daily by the coaches. Practice assignments are based on the age and capacity of each child to handle a given amount of work.  Please confer with the coach for any question, variation or exception regarding your swimmer’s practice routine.


Getting Out Early
If there is a valid reason a swimmer needs to leave practice early (dentist, doctor, etc.), the coaches request that advance notice, by email or text, be made by a parent. The coaches are responsible for your child at the assigned practice time and want to make sure he/she will be released with your knowledge and into your care.  


Arriving Late
Every effort must be made to have the swimmer arrive for practice on time. The swimmers need to be ready to start dryland and/or dive in the water at the scheduled time.  This is very important to the continuity of practice. Coaches must be notified if there is some reason the swimmer will be late. Likewise, parents, please be prompt when picking up your child after practice. 


Practice Attendance 
THY does not have mandatory attendance guidelines.  That said our training philosophy is based upon a high percentage of attendance.  As an athlete ages up and matures there is a direct correlation between consistent attendance/effort and realizing personal goals and capabilities.  There is also a direct correlation between consistent practice attendance and injury prevention.  Swimmers are encouraged to attend at least 85% of all practices offered to maintain the necessary training level and to proactively prevent injuries.

Our goal is to instill a passion for swimming and for swimming at THY in particular.  We hope that this will lead to a desire to pursue excellence, rather than participation. THY Senior and Age Group swimming practices will be held six days a week, while the Barracuda group will practice 4 days a week, and the Minnow group days per week. In order to take advantage of this training environment, every effort should be made to attend as many practices as possible.  As long as we keep open lines of communication we will strive to do what is in the best interests of each individual swimmer.  Please discuss with the THY coaches about reaching appropriate balance should practice conflicts occur. 

High School Swimming
In the winter season, once high school Varsity season begins, a cooperative practice agreement will be worked out for Senior Swimmers participating on their High School teams as well.  The senior program relies upon a cooperative effort between the YMCA coaching staff, the swimmer, the HS coach and the swimmer’s parent/guardians.


PLEASE let your Head Coach know if an athlete is going to be absent for more than 2 days in a row.