Frequently Asked Questions

Who is responsible for picking events for meets?

  • ​Through the Team Unify system (our website), each family will choose their swimmer's events for each meet.  However, before the final submission of meet entries, the coaches will review these entries and reserve the right to make additions, changes, or deletions.

How do I know which events I should register my swimmer(s) for?

  • ​If you are unsure about meet entries for a particular meet, you are strongly encouraged to discuss this with a coach.  Senior swimmers should speak directly to the coaches, while parents may reach out to the coaches for Age Group and Developmental (Barracuda and Minnow) swimmers.  Also, bear in mind that some meets have qualifying times, so this may also be a factor in the events your swimmer is eligible for.

Can I bring my swimmer to another practice time/group other than his/her regularly scheduled one?

  • ​No.  Our practice groups are carefully constructed based on the number of swimmers assigned to each group. It can be disruptive to the flow of practice for swimmers to attend practice groups they are not a part of.  

What does my swimmer have to do to swim in Districts?

  • ​In order to qualify for Districts, a swimmer needs to meet two requirements.  First, the swimmer must attain the time standards required by the District meet.  Secondly, a swimmer must swim in AT LEAST THREE YMCA meets over the course of the season to be eligible.  The meets that fulfill this requirement will be clearly marked in the meet information.

What is the difference between a Y meet and a USA meet?

  • ​A YMCA meet is a closed meet that only YMCA teams may participate in.  A USA meet is open to any YMCA or non-YMCA teams affiliated with USA swimming.  However, the times are transferrable between the two types of meets.  Thus, if a swimmer attains a YMCA qualifying time at a USA meet, the time counts and vice versa.

What determines whether my swimmer will be entered in a relay for a meet and how are relay costs covered?

  • The coaches  will determine all relay entries based on a number of variables, including merit.  The team will cover all relay entry fees.

Why is the entry system not letting me pick certain events for my swimmer for a given meet?

  • ​In all likelihood, it is because the meet has a set of qualifying time standards that your swimmer is not eligible for.  Some of the meets we attend have minimum time standards, while others have both minimum and maximum time standards.  In the latter case, it is possible for a swimmer's times to basically be too fast for a particular meet.

How do I know whether my swimmer would qualify for a certain meet?

  • ​If there are qualifying times for a particular meet, these will be included along with the meet information.  Moreover, when you go to register your swimmer for a meet, if (s)he has not met ANY of the qualifying times, Team Unify will tell you that your swimmer is ineligible for the meet.  If (s)he has met SOME times, but not others, the times for the events (s)he IS eligible for will appear in black font.

Can I/do I have to stay to watch my child practice?

  • ​THY does have an open deck policy. We invite, but don't require, parents to stay and watch their swimmer practice.  There are bleachers beside the pool for this purpose.  If you choose not to stay, we ask that parents arrive ON TIME to pick their swimmers up, as Bucks is a public campus and we want to carefully monitor the safety of our swimmers.

What happens if my swimmer is entered in a meet and can no longer attend?

  • ​If a swimmer has already been entered in a meet, but can no longer attend for some reason, the swimmer and/or the parent should notify the coaching staff so they know not to expect you. However, once meet entries have been submitted, all meet fees are non-refundable, so the swimmer's family would still be responsible for any meet fees incurred.